August 22, 2017, 6:30 PM

Colchester Town Offices

781 Blakely Road, COLCHESTER, VT

Outer Bay Conference Room, 3rd Floor




1.         Call Meeting to Order / Roll Call


2.         Possible Executive Session


3.         Reconvene Meeting / Pledge of Allegiance (6:30 PM)


4.         Citizens to be Heard


5.         Consent Agenda – (ACTION: A motion to approve the Consent Agenda means all items below are approved in one motion)

a. Minutes of Selectboard Meeting of August 8, 2017

b. Appointment for Census Preparation

c. Adopt Resolution of Appreciation for Jeffrey Fontaine  


6.         Special Business Items (6:35 PM)

a. PRESENTATION: BTV Airport Resolution – Kevin Dorn, So. Burlington City Manager

b. ACTION: Letter Requesting Speed Limit Reduction for Severance Corners Access – K. O’Reilly 

c. ACTION: Appointment of Voting Delegate for VLCT 2017 Annual Business Meeting


7.         New Business (7:45 PM)

a. Selectboard FY 2019 Budget Guidance

b. ACTION: FY 2018 Budget Amendment / Transfer to Accommodate Stormwater Utility


8.         Old Business (8:15 PM)

a. Presentation on Solar Energy Equipment Generation Proposal - A. Frank and Chris Lamonia of AEGIS (Tabled from meeting of 8/8/17)

b. Regional Public Safety Dispatch Update and Preliminary Review of Charter/Agreement – A. Frank

c. ACTION: Re-adoption of Chapter 6. Dogs and Wolf Hybrids with Corrected Effective Date


9.         Approval of Liquor License - See separate Agenda (8:30 PM)

a. ACTION: First Class Liquor License for CGEM Corp. d.b.a. Guilty Plate Restaurant


10.       Additional Business – Manager’s Recommendations

a. Schedule Work Session on 9/18 4-6 pm to review Big Picture Capital Priorities, Private Roads, and Bayside Park Master Plan


11.       Informational Items

a. For the week of August 18, 2017


12.       Future Agenda Items


September 12, 2017  

·      Public Meeting on Winter Maintenance of Private Roads to obtain public input

·      Town Charter Amendment regarding Town Clerk being appointed versus elected

·      Board and Commission Vacancy Appointments


September 26, 2017

·      Malletts Bay Scoping Presentation of Alternatives (1.5 hours, B. Osborne and K. Adams)

·      Private Roads Winter Maintenance Policy Discussion and Review

·      Ordinance Amendment-Recreation Impact Fees – G. Cuttitta and S. Hadd


October 10, 2017

·      Selection of Preferred Alternative for scoping Study (1 hour, B. Osborne and K. Adams)

·      Bayside Park Master Plan – G. Cuttitta

·      Adoption of Private Roads Winter Maintenance Policy


13.       Announcements


14.       Warrants


15.       Adjournment



* Select Board Meetings may be viewed on Channel 17 on Mondays at 7:00 p.m. & Tuesdays at 6:00 a.m.


Attendance in an executive session shall be limited to members of the public body and at the discretion of the public body, its staff, clerical assistance and legal counsel and persons who are subject of the discussion or whose information is needed.  If the Agenda items are not complete at 10:00 p.m., the Select Board shall take a vote as to whether to continue or recess the meeting until the following Friday at 6:00 a.m. for the purpose of reconvening and completing the remaining business items.


In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act, those requiring accommodation for this meeting should notify the Town Manager’s Office at least 24 hours prior to the meeting at (802) 264-5500, TDD 1-800-253-0191 (text/telephone), 1-800-253-0195 (voice).


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