Executive Orders





2019-01:    Appointing Irina Gorman as Acting Finance Director


2019-02:    Century Bank Account Trustees


2019-03:    Office of the City Clerk – Line of Supervision





Order:    Lateral Hiring in the Fire Department


Order:    Appointing Leonard Morganis as Acting Finance Director


Order:    Swearing in of Mr. Kevin Roca as Patrol Officer




Order:    Establishing a Joint Planning Commission for the Pawtucket/Central Falls Station District


Order:    Code Red Emergency Notification - Inmate Escape




Order:    Creating the Central Falls Office of Health


Order:    Appointing Joshua Giraldo as Acting Human Resources Director




Order:    Creating a Central Falls Economic Development Task Force


Order:    Creating a Central Falls Nuisance Properties Task Force


Order:    Recognizing the month of June as LGBT Pride Month in Central Falls


Order:    Establishing MBE and WBE Equity Requirements for Purchasing


Order:    Appointing Joshua Giraldo as Chief of Staff


Order:    Appointing Robert Sayre-McCord as Acting Director of Parks, Recreation and Community Service





Order:    Appointing Matthew T. Jerzyk, Esq. as Acting City Solicitor, effective January 6, 2014.





Order:    Requiring resolutions and ordinances approved by Council be certified, date stamped, and delivered to the Office of the Mayor's within 24 hours of signature by Council.


Order:    Establishing the City of Central Falls Nuisance Task Force.


Order:    Appointing Sonia Grace, as Acting City Clerk, effective December 3, 2013.




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