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City Council Meeting

Board of License Commissioners Meeting

Central Falls City Hall

580 Broad St., Central Falls, RI 02863

Monday, May 13, 2019

6:00 p.m.




I.        Roll Call


II.       Pledge of Allegiance


III.     Public Comment


IV.     Approval of Records-Meeting minutes, April 22, 2019


V.       Executive Communications

1.      Department Financial Reports: City Clerk, Finance Department, Fire Department, Police Department: April 2019


2.     Mayoral Proclamation

1.      June 2019 as Immigrant Heritage Month

2.     May 10, 2019 as World Lupus Day


VI.     New Business

A.     City Council Sitting as Board of License Commissioners

                              i.   Consideration of petition of license


Class of License

Business Information

Jui Jitsu


Angel L. Rivera d/b/a My World BJJ

127 Clay St.

Entertainment -Per Diem


Ana Goncalves, Felix Semedo d/b/a Vanderly Coffee

765 Broad St.

Class A- Restaurant


Brenda Sweets & Treats, Inc. d/b/a Brenda Sweets & Treats

801 Broad St.


B.     Presentation by Dr. Michael Fine, Central Falls Office on Health, on the Central Falls Community Health Plan


VII.    Schedule of Bills- Hearing and/or consideration

A.     Ordinance Amending Chapter 14, “Courts,” Article II “Municipal Court”, Section 14-20 “Jurisdiction” (Solano)- First Reading


B.     Ordinance Amending Chapter 2 “Administration” Relating to the Appointment of Acting City Department Heads (Acosta)- First Reading


C.     Ordinance Amending Chapter 32 “Streets, Sidewalks and Other Public Places” Relating to removal of snow from sidewalks (Rivera)- First Reading


D.    Resolution of the Central Falls City Council Supporting Local Community Development Block Grant Program (Ferri, by request)


E.     Resolution of the Central Falls City Council approving the restructuring of the City’s obligation under the $5,510,000 Rhode Island Health and Educational Building Corporation Public School Revenue Bond Financing Program Revenue Refunding Bonds Series 2013 J (City of Central Falls Issue) (The “RIHEBC Bonds”) (Rivera, by request)


F.     Resolution of the Central Falls City Council declaring June 2019 as Immigrant Heritage Month (Rivera)


G.    Resolution of the Central Falls City Council calling on the General Assembly to pass legislation to make our community safer by banning assault weapons (H-5741 and S-635), high capacity magazines (H-5739 and S-637) and concealed weapons on school grounds (H-5762 and S-636) (Rivera)


H.    Resolution of the Central Falls City Council in support of fully funding Rhode Island Enhanced 911 (E-911) services that serve the public safety health care needs of Rhode Islanders (Rivera, by request)


I.      Resolution of Central Falls City Council in Condolences and Congratulations


VIII.  Continued Business

A.     Hearing and/or Consideration of Claims

John Montegio, of 352 Central St., Central Falls, for alleged damages to property sustained on March 6, 2019, continued from April 22, 2019


B.     Resolution of the Central Falls City Council Supporting HB-5959 and SB-786 providing for the full Taxation of the Central Falls Detention Facility Corporation (Acosta), continued from April 22, 2019


IX.     Good & Welfare


X.       Adjournment


Pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws § 42-46-4, the City Council reserves the right to convene in executive session on any of the aforementioned items for one or more of the purposes listed in Rhode Island General Laws § 42-46-5(1)-(10)




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The City of Central Falls is an equal opportunity employer ADA/EOE. TDD/TTY 401-727-7450. This notice is posted in City Hall, Police Department, Department of Public Works, on and with the Office of the Secretary of State pursuant to Rhode Island General Laws. To review Notice of Citizen’s Rights visit the Attorney General’s webpage at



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