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FEBRUARY 2, 2021

Normand Albert 2021

Kasie Kolbe 2021

Allen Ward 2021

 Mark Lunt 2022

Donald Fellows 2022

Jeffrey Ganong 2022

Fern Larochelle 2023



CALL TO ORDER.  The Chairman, Allen Ward, called the meeting to order and led the pledge of allegiance to the flag at 7:00 PM.


ROLL CALL.  Members present were Councilors Ward, Albert, Kolbe, Lunt, Larochelle, Ganong, and Fellows.  Also present were Diane Barnes, Town Manager; Brett Richardson, Economic & Community Development Director; Mark Stevens, Parks & Recreation Director; and no other citizens in the zoom meeting.




Councilor ward thanked the road crew for their work today.  This was the first real storm we have had this season. We appreciated all the hard work, especially after this storm took so long to go through our town. 




A.           Renewal Special Entertainment Permit for the Railroad Restaurant & Pub


The Chairman opened the public hearing.  Comments were requested to be sent to  The Chairman said no comments have been received at this time.  The Chairman closed the public hearing.




Comments were requested to be sent to  The Chairman said he received 142 emails from businesses, residents, and area citizens with comments for and against the downtown closure for Moxie Plaza.  He thanked everyone for giving the Council feedback on this topic.  Councilor Ward read comments into the record (see attached comments after adjournment section below). [123 were for and 41 were against, 18 commented or were undecided.] The Chairman moved to the next item.




VOTE (2021-26) Councilor Larochelle, seconded by Councilor Albert moved to approve the following:


A.                 Municipal Accounts Payable Warrants $ 443,572.59

B.                  Municipal Payroll Warrants - $ 184,101.81  

C.                  School Accounts Payable Warrants - $ 91,564.13

D.                 School Payroll Warrants - $374,738.99

E. Minutes of January 19, 2021 & Special Meeting Minutes for January 26, 2021

F. Approve Liquor License and Special Entertainment Permit for Railroad Restaurant & Pub

G. Set a Public Hearing on Feb 16 for a Medical Marijuana Establishment Permit for BBB Pharmaceuticals, LLC and

H.  Approve Liquor License for Flux Restaurant, LLC


Roll Call Vote:  Yeas – Albert, Lunt, Larochelle, Ward, Kolbe, Ganong and Fellows.  Nays - None.  Order passed - Vote 7-0.






INTRODUCTION:  Mr. Richardson reported that on December 8, 2020, the Lisbon Town Council approved a solar energy credit request for proposal (RFP) to be administered by Titan Energy New England, Inc., a Connecticut-based national energy consultant.   There is no upfront cost to the Town and Titan is paid by the winning bidder as part of their project cost.  The Town is under no obligation to move forward with a Credit Purchase Agreement.  Using Lisbon’s historical energy usage history, Titan developed an RFP and solicited bids between December 21, 2020 and January 4, 2021.  For details, please see the information entitled Town of Lisbon, Maine Request for Proposals, Net Energy Billing Agreement attached.  Upon the close of the open bid process on January 4, Titan analyzed the bids and provided a summary.  For details, please see the information entitled TitanGen Solar Net Energy Billing Bid Results (Results) attached. In addition, there were three individual bids (see attached): 1) Ameresco; 2) Hep Global; and 3) ConEd Solutions.  As described in the Results document, Titan recommends that the Town enter a 20-year agreement with Ameresco based on Ameresco’s offer of .085 cents per credit, to increase by 1.5% annually over the course of the agreement.  Based on the current value of CMP energy credits of .1255 cents, the Ameresco offering will enable the Town to achieve a net gain of $.04 per credit in year 1 if things stay roughly the same, generating $70,000 savings in year one and over $1.5 million over the course of the 20-year agreement.  Titan has also provided the attached Sensitivity Analysis for the Ameresco offering to model savings to the Town in various energy market environments, demonstrating a likely net benefit to the Town of approximately $500,000 over the 20-year term under various conditions. He said that’s assuming energy would depreciate and that really has not happened. There is a strong opportunity for the town there to perform better with Ameresco over 20 years.  He indicated the town’s attorney reviewed the contract. He said its standard practice to have a performance guaranty in these situations so the town could hold Ameresco accountable to deliver the value that they are putting forth in their bid in response to the RFP that Titan put out. Even in a bad scenario, the town stands to save significantly and it is more likely that the town stands to save $75,000 or more per year over 20 years to accrue that $1.5 million dollars.  Mr. Richardson recommended that Council approve Ameresco’s bid and authorize the Town Manager to negotiate a Net Energy Billing Credit Purchase Agreement with Ameresco based on Ameresoco’s bid response, including a reasonable performance guaranty to mitigate the Town’s risk.


COUNCILOR COMMENTS:  Councilor Larochelle asked if they might consider a five-year contract.  Mr. Richardson said Ameresco’s bid was based on a 20-year contract but the town could go back and discuss a five-year contract to see what those numbers would be.  Councilor Larochelle said it sounds good money wise but this Council should not lock in future Councilors to long-term contracts.  Councilor Albert asked what happens with this contract if this company goes out of business; do we loose.  Councilor Albert said that Council voted two meetings ago and did not tie those savings in the first year, or that $70,000 Mr. Richardson mentioned, but the Council did mention it would be a revenue source to pay for that project there.  He said he was concerned about making that long-term commitment.


VOTE (2021-27) Councilor Fellows, seconded by Councilor Larochelle moved to approve Ameresco’s bid and authorize the Town Manager to negotiate a Net Energy Billing Credit Purchase Agreement with Ameresco based on Ameresco’s bid response, including a reasonable performance guaranty to mitigate the Town’s risk.


Roll Call Vote:  Yeas – Albert, Lunt, Larochelle, Ward, Kolbe, Ganong and Fellows.  Nays - None.  Order passed - Vote 7-0.




INTRODUCTION:  Mrs. Barnes reported that during her monthly call with Round Table in January, Jesse Peskay told her that our IT Managed Support Services monthly fee would be increasing from $3,800 to over $8,000 per month when our contract expires on May 20, 2021.  For this reason, she requested authorization to explore hiring an IT professional to provide these services.  The current Master Service Agreement will automatically renew for a successive one-year period after the initial term’s end unless either party gives the other party written notice of non-renewal at least 90 calendar days prior to the end of the initial term.  She recommended Council provide notice of non-renewal no later than February 19, 2021 if Council decided to hire a professional to provide in-house service.


COUNCILOR COMMENTS:  Councilor Ward indicated he was in favor of sending out a request for proposals to see if other IT service companies are interested to compare to see which the town can benefit the most from.  Mrs. Barnes mentioned the back up service to the cloud that Roundtable provides is separate from IT services and cost approximately $11,000.  Councilor Albert pointed out IT services impact productivity if issues are not taken care of quickly and suggested a clean break from Roundtable. Councilor Fellows said the town does not know yet if there is enough work to support a full-time IT position.  Councilor Albert indicated the Council was not sure how much work we have to do and suggested using a temporary agency prior to the current contract ending so the scope of work could be determined.  These temporary agencies have technology resources and the background we need to make an assessment on what the municipal offices, including the police department, may need. 


VOTE (2021-28A) Councilor Larochelle, seconded by Councilor Albert moved to not renew the Roundtable IT contract and to allow the Town Manager to move forward to figure out what our next option would be for IT Services and/or looking for a new IT in-house resource. 


Roll Call Vote:  Yeas – Albert, Lunt, Larochelle, Ward, Kolbe, Ganong and Fellows.  Nays - None.  Order passed - Vote 7-0.






1. School: Councilor Albert said he had nothing new to report.

2. Planning:  Councilor Fellows reported the Planning Board is working on the medical marijuana changes for recreational use.

3. LDC: Councilor Larochelle said many things are happening.  Mr. Richardson reported next Wednesday’s topics include Main Street and the Worumbo site.

4. Conservation Commission:  Councilor Ward reported the Conservation Commission is working on its goals and trail digitizing maps.  He mentioned residents could attend the meeting at MTM at 6:00 p.m.

5.       Recreation:  Councilor Albert said he had nothing new to report.

6. County Budget:  Councilor Ward said he had nothing new to report.

7. Library: Councilor Lunt said he had nothing new to report.

8. Water Commission: Councilor Fellows reported their next meeting is next week.  He indicated the Water Commission and Council are accepting applications for the vacant Water Commissioner position.  Two applications have been received to date.   

9. Finance Committee: Councilor Albert said he had nothing new to report, but that there is a meeting coming up.  He reported the Finance Committee will be sitting in on all the budget workshops and encouraged questions to be given to the Town Manager ahead of time like last year.




Mrs. Barnes said she had nothing new to report.


C.      Summer 2021 Programming


INTRODUCTION:  Mr. Richardson reported they plan to use the equipment purchased last year with grant funds and that he needed to move forward aggressively and hire an event coordinator now that February is here.  Those plans need to be in place and approved by Council at this point.  Last September they did a recap meeting at MTM that covered what worked well, what did not, and ways to improve Moxie Plaza.  He said those suggestions were incorporated into this year’s designs that are now ready for Council to choose and approve.  There should be better way findings, better signage, and the plaza should be more open to bring more energy there.  The Parklet plan was one of those suggestions that came from the MTM recap meeting.  He said this group needed clarity on which way to move ahead.  He mentioned comments from residents and businesses owners were solicited and many have been received.  He indicated there were two key issues to deal with; 1) the visual at the intersection of Union and Route 196 regarding through traffic that MDOT required, and 2) a temporary 4-way stop at Union and Main Streets using Maple Street and speed bumps for detouring traffic would allow for better traffic flow.   He mentioned lifting the non-compete restrictions on food trucks and merchandise sales.   He mentioned they were looking at the Worumbo site across the street addressing the need to spread out or create new event opportunities.  He said Option B does allow for traffic flow using higher barricades, and pushing out planters and additional coning to help slow traffic by narrowing the street through that space.  There is some talk about moving all this to the Worumbo site, which is good for larger events, but not for the day to day needs for adjacent outdoor space.  There has been a lot of good input from lots of folks.


VOTE (2021-28B) Councilor Fellows, second by Councilor Albert moved to adopt Scenario A the Moxie Plaza Improved Closing Main Street Scenario between Fathers’ Day Weekend [Friday, June 18] and Labor Day weekend [Monday, September 6 2021] pending Town Council approval of a detailed and budgeted plan on February 16 that is specifically designed to mitigate the already enumerated shortcomings of the Main Street Closure of 2020.


COUNCILOR COMMENTS:  Councilor Albert said it is refreshing to hear the feedback on this topic.  There is a need by older residents to access those businesses, which need to cater to their customers, like maybe the salon or even the laundromat since customers have to carry in and out laundry.  Council will need to be mindful of the things that keep these businesses going.  He mentioned Option A appears more beneficial and less detrimental.  There will be no parade going down Main Street this year, but next year this section of the street will be under construction.  He indicated what worked last year should work again this year and even better with improvements.  He said the event coordinator will also focus on Graziano Square as well.


Councilor Larochelle said Option B would take care of all the businesses.  He said the responses he received would not support Option A because we cannot address all of the issues.  He said Option B allows for expanded seating, maintains business traffic, and other areas for events for entertainment. He said the event coordinator would be an awesome addition to our staff.  Councilor Lunt said Option B is a more balanced design accommodating retail and restaurant needs.  He mentioned that half of the businesses downtown do not want a street closure. Councilor Ganong said Option B allows residents access to the road while expanding their offerings.  He said that the Governor should be lifting the seating restrictions in July, August, or September range.   Council Fellows indicated he sort of could tell from a straw poll which way this vote would go, except for where Councilor Kolbe stood on this issue.  Councilor Kolbe said she was okay with either option; that she had no trouble during the day finding a parking place and when some businesses were closed in the evening, she still had no trouble finding a parking spot at night.


Mr. Richardson said if the town wanted to go ahead with Option A, that Lisbon would have a good chance in getting MDOT approval, especially with the backing of the businesses for that closure, but there needs to be that conversation.  He said that obviously MDOT would have a good deal to say over what kind of restrictions the town puts in place and what kind of impact that will have on businesses, but they were supportive last year about what the town was trying to do so if we come up with an alternative they should be on board.


Councilor Ward took a straw poll:  In favor of Option A – Ward, Kolbe, Fellows, Albert.  In favor of Option B – Larochelle, Lunt, and Ganong.  Councilor Ward said if Option A did pass then he would be expecting to see a detailed and budgeted plan on February 16 to be able to address the feedback and concerns or the plan has no value.  Councilor Fellows said, exactly.   


Councilor Ward said comments included not extending Moxie Plaza so long in 2021.  He said he received a comment from Carley Levesque, a Durham resident, who is against, reports the commuter traffic at the light at the intersection of Main and Route 196 between 3 p.m. and 6 p.m. is miserable.  Another comment came in from Janet Tuttle who prefers Option B, referencing traffic and putting one business against another.


Councilor Fellows said he was not a fan of 4-3 votes and offered to withdraw his motion if the majority of the Council were in favor of Option B. He said if he was wrong about that, he wanted everyone to chime in.  Councilor Ward said Councilor Fellows could modify his motion amending it to Option B.  Councilor Fellows said, true.  Councilor Ward asked Councilor Albert if he was in agreement with a friendly amendment for Option B.  Councilor Albert indicated he was not.  Councilor Albert did not withdraw his second to the original motion.  Councilor Ward said the proper protocol would be to vote on the main motion on the table and if that fails then the Council could reintroduce another motion supporting Option B; the Town Clerk responded, correct.       


Roll Call Vote:  Yeas – Albert, Ward, Kolbe, and Fellows.  Nays – Larochelle, Ganong, and Lunt.  Order passed - Vote 4-3.


Councilor Ward said the Council is interested in seeing the plan that will address the feedback that we have heard. 

Mr. Richardson said to clarify this plan we’ll look at:


·         The Intersection Of Main And Union

·         Speeding In Adjacent Neighborhoods With Strategic Placement Of Temporary Speed Bumps

·         A Job Description That Entails Summer Events That Will Bring Foot Traffic To Main Street That Encompasses Grazi Square And Worumbo

·         A Vendor Process That Is Simple, Inexpensive, And Streamlined Particularly For Food Trucks During Lunchtime Hours

·          Complete The Way Findings Signs As Approved By Council

·         And Greater Input From The Businesses And Signage To Designate Customer Parking Priority Versus Staff Parking Priority To Protect Adjacent Parking For Businesses, In Particular The Laundromat, Daycare

Mr. Richardson said those are the big pieces.   He pointed out that there will be a cost to achieve some of these things and we will try to keep that as low as we can.  Councilor Fellows and Councilor Albert made a few more recommendations as follows:


·         Some Type Of Traffic Control On School Street And Route 196

·         Advertising Budget

·         Signage Improved On Union Street At Route 196, Less Lights, And The One On Main Street Doesn’t Have To Be There If We Do A 4-Way Stop

·         Mr. Richardson Said There Is Time To Get Barriers Painted To Improve Their Appearance

·         Make Request From MDOT For Temporary Light At School Street

·         More Organized Banner Placement And Open View From Route 196 Up Main Street

·         Change Electronic Timing On The Camera System At The Light At Main Street And Route 196, Eliminating Time For Turns Onto Main Street – Looking At That Traffic Pattern

Councilor Albert said Option A should include on the presentation side that is closed off at Main and Route 125 be opened up to view Main Street from Route 196 for marketing purposes.  Some businesses through banners out there, but this year he would like to see that more organized.  Mr. Richardson said there might be value to leaving that open as folks pass on Route 196 they can see into Main Street and see people there; along with marketing the businesses, there is no better marketing then seeing folks there having a good time.


Councilor Lunt suggested the town look into a permanent traffic light at Union Street and Route 196 to improve the walkability to downtown.  Mr. Richardson reported they looked into adding traffic lights. It would be calculated on the number of accidents, tickets, and issues that happen at that spot.  He indicated Lisbon would not have a case for a 4-way light there based on last year’s corridor study.   


Councilor Larochelle said he would hate to think that we have to wait to hire an event coordinator.  Councilor Ward said whether we have a plan for Moxie Plaza or not, the Council already agreed to hire an event coordinator now that includes utilizing other spaces and the many opportunities we have in addition to those at the plaza.





Councilor Fellows said he needed those papers he previously requested from Council members.






VOTE (2021-29) Councilor Fellows, seconded by Councilor Kolbe moved to adjourn at 9:10 p.m.


Roll Call Vote:  Yeas – Albert, Lunt, Larochelle, Ward, Kolbe, and Ganong.   Nays - Fellows.  Order passed - Vote 6-0.




Twila D. Lycette, Council Secretary

Town Clerk, Lifetime CCM/MMC

Date Approved 02-16-2021






February 2, 2021

town council meeting – zoom


attachment under

AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION & response for agenda items


Comments were requested to be sent to  Councilor Ward read the following comments into the record and apologized if names were not pronounced correctly:


1.       Mike Propromski – appreciated the live music and social distancing opportunity the outside Moxie Plaza offered.

2.       *Bruce McKay – not inclined to support anything if it can not be for all.

3.       Otto Meader – in favor of the plaza.

4.       *Ray Medlen – against with concerns about traffic and congestion in immediate area.

5.       *Scott Hall – in favor

6.       Christina Jackson – concerns about parking; specifically in her immediate area and availability for business customer to park and what happens before the restaurants opened up

7.       *Ken & Maryann Withers – in favor of Moxie Plaza

8.       *Maryann Withers – in favor of Moxie Plaza

9.       *Lisa Davis – we should be doing more to support small businesses

10.   *Abigayle Evans – in favor, appreciated the music

11.   Judd Jordan – against

12.   Kelly Fairbanks -   it breathes life into this town and much needed during 2020

13.   Diane Hughes – against, referenced what is happening during the day with everything going on

14.   Matt Koza – in favor

15.   *Christina Amaya – concerns for limited handicapped parking in that immediate area with the amount of people, specifically for the businesses that are there during the day during that closure who offer a service

16.   *Ashlee Dupuis– a positive thing for a bad situation to go through this past summer

17.   *Randall Smith – concerns about the lights at the intersection and prefers to see activities migrate to Grazi Square

18.   *Justine Packard – prefers to stay safe with social distancing

19.   *Natalie Capano – against but would like to see a farmer’s market if it were to be in a different location

20.   *Cheryl Haggerty – attractive gateway needs to be improved and the upkeep of the immediate area were of concern, along with doing a road repair in the area between Main and Maple Street.  The Chairman asked that the repair be placed on the Public Works’ schedule for a temporary fix for right now.

21.   *Cindy Schafer – referencing again parking and small businesses

22.   *Corey Bremmer – in favor

23.   Stacy Couture – why 24/7 being the number of business doors that are open, from 3 to 6, and it’s too long of a season.  He said she referenced the day we rolled it out last year like every other community out there trying to extend as long as we could that kind of backlash putting a definitive timeline on it

24.   Christine King – in favor of the Park’s Department for the full closure

25.   *Marie Hale – against

26.   *Linda Douglass – is for and concerned about an application fee and if there was one

27.   *Heather Curtis – prefers the Worumbo site

28.   *Aaron Plummer – in favor

29.   *Amanda Plummer – in favor

30.   *Adeena Levesque – is traffic

31.      *Zach Henderson – prefers Option A for outside dining

32.      *Nicole Bauer – against

33.      *Keena Tracy – for

34.      Jody Phillips – against

35.      Armand, Therrien, Whitney – for 

36.      Nicole Paul – against

37.      Sidney Douglass – for

38.      Summer Poulin– against

39.      *Devin Libby – for

40.      *James Howard – would be in favor if we moved to the Worumbo site and had additional parking

41.      *Jeffrey Cam Ramich – for

42.      Michelle C – against

43.      *Jeff Fournier - for

44.      *Pam Fournier - for

45.      *Jeff Randall – against

46.      *Ashley Fournier – for

47.      Diane Hughes – against, and again referenced limited handicapped parking

48.      Austin Fournier – for

49.      *Glen Berube – for

50.      *Ashlei Howard – against

51.      Kiana Lacombe - for

52.      * David McCarthy – against

53.      *Marcus Bubar – for

54.      *Lisa Small – against

55.      Chris Couture – likes Scenario A for being able to use food trucking at lunch time to make better use of the space

56.      *Mona Neureuther – against

57.      *Chris Ridley – for the Parklet option with a better configuration

58.      *Amanda Wrobel – against, concerned about the fire access

59.      *Jonathan Paul – for

60.      Cherie Field – against

61.      *Michelle - liked the work around to be able to make this work and appreciated it this past summer

62.      *Dan Leeman – liked the work around to be able to make this work and appreciated it this past summer

63.      Rob Hawkins - why second year if we are coming out of COVID

64.      Brenda Hawkins – why second year if we are coming out of COVID

65.      *Dean Willey – for

66.      *Vanesa Moore – against

67.      *Claire Kelly – for

68.      *Michelle King - against

69.      *Maureen King – against

70.      *Jennifer Hardy David – for

71.      *Jessica Bennett – against

72.      Jake Daniels – for

73.      *Savanah Harris – against

74.      Maggie Sabo – for

75.      *Laura Ingerson – against, specifying visibility, parking, and identifying the Union Street area traffic

76.      Scott Harrington – for

77.      *Tony Austin - for

78.      *Traci Austin – for

79.      Anne Kay – for

80.      Jennifer Robert Howard – against

81.      Mike Lacombe – for

82.      Samantha Small – against

83.      Taylor Feehan – for

84.      *Tim McClure – against

85.       *Ashley Dupuis – for

86.      *Christy Pomerleau – against, specifically parking on the union street area because of businesses there

87.      Caleb Davis – for

88.      *Annette Wilson – against

89.      *Laura Dionne - for

90.      *Laurie Bowen – against

91.      Mary Priestly – for

92.      Felicia Hodgkins - against

93.      Alexis Laliberte – for

94.      *Dawn King – against

95.      Keena Dionne -  for

96.      Amanda Moore – against

97.      Kelsey Boilard – for

98.      *Kerry Conroy – against and has provided a lot of feedback through this process and is not advocating for a complete closure but interested in hearing others concerns and expressing concerns about addressing issues from last year

99.      Trisha Marie – for

100.   Carl Barr – against

101.  *Christina Nicholson – for

102.  *Holly Randall – against 

103.  *Amber Roy – for

104.  *Ross Cunningham – against if you don’t have 100% support from the businesses, it should be their decision

105.   Arlene Monit – for

106.   Kara Therrien – against

107.   Jessica Bailey – for

108.  *Christina Houde – for 

109.   TJ Savesta - for

110.   Abby Gamache – for

111.   Karen Hinkley – for

112.   Michelle Duckett – for

113.   Terry Evans – for

114.  *Jennifer Therriault – for

115.   Carley Cross – for

116.   Jennifer D – against

117.   Lois D – for

118.   Emma Kathleen – for

119.  *Jessie Stewart – for

120.   Tom White – for

121.  *David Perry – for (like to see it extended)

122.  *Jennifer Fish - for

123.  *Mark Fish – for

124.   Jeremy Barnes – for

125.   Tyler Cone – for

126.   Dustin West – for

127.   Corey S – for and would like to see a farmer’s market

128.  *Kelly Wade – for

129.   Kelly Mache – for

130.   Patty Miller – for

131.  *Mikaela Greene – she’s a neighbor off Main Street – She found a way to work around it

132.   Tyler at Sweet Cakes Bakery – Pleased with it; everyone down there should be supportive because the businesses down there support other small businesses in our community

133.   Rob Kennedy – weekly dining because of the plaza and an open space

134.  *Andrew Perry – for

135.  *Angie D’Amours – for

136.  *Kate Boynton - for

137.  *Lee Boynton – for

138.  *Daniel Moore – for

139.  *Ken Holt – for, would like to see a stoplight at School Street

140.   Shannon Brann – for

141.  *Jim Harriman – for

142.  *Linda Cummings – for

143.  *Brian Wagner - for

144.  *Jessica Wagner – for

145.  *Bill Tapley - for

146.  *Andrea Tapley – for

147.  *Jeff Kelly – for; to support the local community specifically in that area

148.   Zoey Wall – for

149.   Randy Curtis – for

150.  *Joanna Long – for

151.   *Rochelle Fisher – for

152.  *Andrew Trueworthy – for

153.   Ed - for

154.   Tonia – for

155.  *Jennifer David – for

156.   TJ Sylvester - for

157.   Mark Sylvester – for

158.  *Kate Madore – for

159.  *Katie Breard– for

160.   Ryan Pole – for; good marketing for the town in a poor situation

161.  *Brianna Sautter – for

162.  *Doug Sautter - for

163.  *Nichole Sautter – for

164.  *Payton Austin - for

165.  *Heather Austin – for

166.   Alex Holt – for

167.  *Tania Strout – for

168.   *Susan Langelier – for

169.  *Leigh Ledieri – for

170.  *Dewey Morong – in the middle, not for a complete closure but interested in other options

171.   Randy Pruit – for

172.  *Dean Logan – for; he would like to see if we could do something about the eastbound Route 196 traffic, being able to use the right hand lane for a right hand turn and the center lane for through traffic to help with congestion

173.   Burn Burns – like to see this specifically July to August and increase days

174.   Lisa Cadolo - for

175.   Diana Rose – for

176.   Faith Young – for

177.  *Frank Clarke – for

178.  *Shelby Eck - for

179.   Tyson Laverdiere – for

180.  *Richard Main – for

181.   Joseph Epstein – for

182.  *Jason Laverdiere – for


123 for, 41 against, 18 comments/undecided.  The Chairman moved to the next item.


(*) Lisbon Registered Voters




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