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May 18, 2021

Lisbon town hall

Normand Albert 2021

Kasie Kolbe 2021

Allen Ward 2021

 Mark Lunt 2022

Donald Fellows 2022

Jeffrey Ganong 2022

Fern Larochelle 2023


CALL TO ORDER.  The Chairman, Allen Ward, called the meeting to order and led the pledge of allegiance to the flag at 7:00 PM.


ROLL CALL.  Members present were Councilors Ward, Albert, Lunt, Larochelle, Ganong, and Fellows.  Councilor Kolbe was absent. Also present were Diane Barnes, Town Manager: and approximately two citizens in the audience.


VOTE (2021-115) Councilor Larochelle, seconded by Councilor Fellows moved to excuse Councilor Kolbe’s absence.  Order passed – Vote 6-0.







The Town Clerk read the following dedication found in the Annual Town Report:  Karin served on the Planning Board for quite a few years.  She served as Chair and Vice-Chair. She was proud of her Real Estate background.  She contributed whatever she could to each case when that expertise was needed.  She liked conversation and was more than willing to talk to applicants about their particular situations; she was always polite and diplomatic, listening carefully as they spoke about their cases.  She did this especially well when situations became difficult.  She was devoted to Bob, her daughter Summer, and a most enthusiastic supporter of her grandson Jake.  She would bring a little something to present to board members at Christmas time or some other occasion that she deemed special.  That generosity to virtually everyone may be what she is most remembered for.  The Town Clerk’s office created this year’s Annual Town Report with her in mind.  Since she wore blue a lot, we chose a blue theme in her honor.  The town was lucky to have had her in our community.  She contributed much to our success.  Councilor Ward presented Karen Paradis’s daughter Summer, and Grandson Jake, with a few copies of the town report that the Council dedicated to their mother this year.  Summer and Jake indicated how pleased they were to receive the copies and thanked the Council very much.    









VOTE (2021-116) Councilor Albert, seconded by Councilor Fellows moved to approve the following consent agenda items as presented:


A. Municipal Accounts Payable Warrants totaling $ 17,285.53

B.  Municipal Payroll Warrants totaling   $ 186,052.06

C.  School Accounts Payable Warrants totaling $ 202,079.55

D. School Payroll Warrants totaling $  $13,633.64

E.  Workshop Minutes for May 4, 2021

F.   Renewal Victualers Licenses for the following 13 establishments:

1)          American Legion

2)          Aroma Joes

3)          Cruzin Slice

4)          Flux Restaurant

5)          Franks

6)          Grazi to Go

7)          Lisbon Left Hand Club

8)         MacDaddy’s Mobile Cuisine, LLC

9)         Railroad Restaurant & Pub

10)  Riverside Dairy Bar

11)  Slovak Catholic Association

12)  Smiley’s Ice Cream

13)  Food City

G. Renewal Itinerant Vendor Permits for MacDaddy’s and Cruzin Slice and the

H. Midcoast Humane Animal Shelter Contract, said motion authorizes the Town Manager to sign the renewal agreement effective July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022, and to

I.     Set Public Hearings for June 22 for the following business licenses: A Special Entertainment for Franks, a Renewal Marijuana Establishment Permit for Lisbon Cannabis and 207 Edibles, plus a renewal Mass Gathering Permit for Parks & Recreation.


Order passed - Vote 6-0.







INTRODUCTION:  Mr. Aievoli requested approval for a new sludge disposal agreement with Casella Organics.  In December 2020, the town received a letter from Casella Organics stating our current agreement for sludge disposal would be terminated as of July 3, 2021.  Casella sent all of their clients a similar letter stating they are terminating the agreement and will negotiate a new agreement with changes.  The town has been working with Casella Organics and our town attorney to negotiate a new agreement to ensure the town could move forward with renewing the agreement if Council approved.  


There are three changes in the new agreement that stand out as follows:


1. The price per ton will increase from the current rate of $105.19 per ton to $116 per ton.

2. New language is being added to address odors. This language states the customer is responsible for providing    residuals that are free from excessive odors and to provide notification of process changes or upsets in the operation that could affect the residuals.

3. The 2013 amendment allowed Lisbon to request up to 30 yards of compost delivered per year at no charge. This has been removed probably due to the current issue of synthetic chemicals (PFAS/PFOS) being found in the sludge.

The current agreement 13 years old and has only seen one amendment. This price increase is occurring with all of their clients and is due to the changes in regulations, which have increased the cost of doing business.  The Sewer Superintendent reports with the new regulations regarding synthetic chemicals that he does not see an issue with the 30 yards of free compost being removed from the agreement.  It should be noted that there are no other options in Maine for us to consider for disposal of the sludge generated at the treatment plant.

COUNCILOR COMMENTS:  Councilor Albert praised Mr. Aievoli for his forward thinking to budget the estimated amount needed for the unexpected increase per ton.  Mrs. Barnes indicated the town received the contract and had been in negotiations since December. 


VOTE (2021-117) Councilor Fellows, seconded by Councilor Albert moved to authorize the Town Manager to sign the Casella Residuals Management Agreement Contract as presented.  Order passed - Vote 6-0.


Councilor Albert requested the Council be updated on the Sewer Projects sometime this fall, when the department is available to do a presentation on our progress to the public.  He said he was excited to hear the improvements made so far have reduced the flows.




INTRODUCTION:  Mr. Richardson reported in June 2020, the State of Maine’s Office of Community Development (OCD) awarded the Town of Lisbon a $100,000 grant to administer a Business Façade Grant Program to provide matching funds to local property and business owners to make visual improvement to the exterior of commercial buildings in Lisbon village areas and Route 196 Corridor.  The Lisbon Development Committee (LDC) serves as the CDBG Citizen Advisory Committee.  In this capacity, the LDC reviews potential projects to ensure that each project fulfils the mission of the façade program and is consistent with CDBG guidelines. 


Mr. Richardson mentioned on April 14, 2021, the LDC reviewed a project application for a total project cost of up to $40,000 to repaint the facades at Frank’s Restaurant at 2 Main Street and Legendary Status at 4 Main Street.  Due to the relatively recent façade program support for painting 2 & 4 Main Street in 2017, the LDC conditionally approved the 2021 application.  The LDC’s conditional approval required the applicant to work with an industry expert to identify the reason for premature paint-peeling from the 2017 project and identify a remedy in the current scope of work to ensure that the façade project yields durable benefits.  The applicant has fulfilled that condition by obtaining a recommendation from a Sherman Williams representative to use an oil-based stain rather than water-based paint.  Switching to oil-based stain is expected to achieve the desired durability and adequate return on investment for the applicant, Town, and State funder.


Mr. Richardson said the project at 2 & 4 Main Street is consistent with the Business Façade Program mission and guidelines, and the State OCD has granted approval following relevant historic and environmental reviews.  He said reports the façade project at 2 & 4 Main Street and the owner of 14 Main Street has expressed a desire to adjust their scope of work to create the same visual improvements at a lower budget.  The 14 Main Street project was approved by Council in the fall of 2020 and the proposed changes have been approved by the State OCD.  With Council approval for 2 & 4 Main Street, $55,500 of the original CDBG grant of $100,000 will be committed for projects including 13 Main St., 14 Main St., 16 Main St., 58 Lisbon Street, leaving a balance of $44,500 for future projects.


Mr. Richardson recommended Council approve the business façade projects at 2 and 4 Main Street, allocate up to $20,000 of Business Façade Program funding for 2 & 4 Main Street, and authorize Town staff to put 14 Main Street along with 2 & 4 Main Street out to bid.   


COUNCILOR COMMENTS:  Councilors discussed the premature paint-peeling situation at 2 Main Street.  Councilor Albert requested a professional provide the specific technique to be used to prevent this from happening again in the future.  Councilor Larochelle indicated the bids should include the specific process to be used.  Mr. Richardson said he would come back to the Council for bid approval on June 22.   


VOTE (2021-118) Councilor Larochelle, seconded by Councilor Fellows moved to approve the business façade grant projects at 2 and 4 Main Street, to allocate up to $20,000 of Business Façade Program funds for 2 & 4 Main Street, and to authorize the Town’s staff to put 14 Main Street along with 2 & 4 Main Street out to bid as required by the Town and OCD program guidelines.    Order passed – Vote 6-0.



(Added Item – no objections noted)


Councilor Larochelle asked Mr. Richardson to make an announcement about the May 26 meeting at MTM at 6:00 PM.  Mr. Richards reported a community event would be held on May 26 at MTM at 6:00 PM for the public to review the different renderings depicting the three scenarios for the Worumbo Mill site development project.  The community established goals that included access to the river, protection of river views, and access from Main Street to the river.  He said no matter which developer the town goes with, there would be two (2) plus acres of green space for community use.  Councilor Albert asked that the meeting be live streamed on Town Hall Streams.  Five Councilors indicated they may attend (one indicated he would be using live stream).  Mr. Richardson indicated he was working on that.   



(Added Item – no objections noted)


Councilor Ward reported $5,000 has been set aside in TIF funds to purchase banners this year to place along the Route 196 corridor and around town.  He recommended the Lisbon Development Committee decide the banner’s theme, whether that be the Veteran or Powered by theme design.  Mr. Richardson thanked the Council for their support.  Councilor Ward thanked the Public Work’s crew for putting up the flags and indicated he was glad but hoped that we could do more.     





INTRODUCTION:  Chief McGee explained Lisbon has the opportunity to apply for Federal Funds through the 2021 Homeland Security Grant.  This particular grant does not require any matching funds.  The amount of money that the Lisbon Police Department could possibly receive is currently unknown. 


The Police Department would be requesting to use the grant money to purchase five Motorola Mobile Radios for our cruisers.  The Police Department has been slowly upgrading our mobile radios in the cruisers, since they are nearing the end of their lifespan.  The current anticipated funding request would be approximately $15,500, which is enough to update the rest of the mobile radios in our fleet. 


VOTE (2021-119) Councilor Larochelle, seconded by Councilor Albert moved to approve authorization for the Town Manager and Police Chief to apply for, accept, and spend any money amount allotted through this grant process towards the above purchases.  Order passed - Vote 6-0.



INTRODUCTION:  Mr. Stevens reported he is in the process of getting formal bids for fencing and construction of the gazebo at Graziano Square.  He indicated he expects the price for each to be more than $10,000.  In April, the town was given the green light to get the Grazi Square sign up since the sidewalk work did not interfere.  Granite posts were ordered and have just arrived. 


COUNCILOR COMMENTS:  Councilors discussed the plans and design.  Mr. Stevens said the Gazebo design was for a 16’ x 16’ platform similar to a boxing ring with the wire railings and a pitched roof.  A wrought iron fence 5’ high would go from the rock wall to the corner and along Village Street.  A similar guardrail used on the trail system would divide the parking lot and park area. 


Councilor Larochelle requested the town install a latching gate to keep children from running out into the road.  Councilor Albert suggested using whomever you could find for the lowest bidder for the fence, since it is difficult to get on any list for installs.  Councilor Albert said he was not opposed to using alternative ideas for this park since the prices on building materials have soared.  Councilor Albert indicated Mr. Douglass presented design plans to the Council back around March of 2019, which should be in the public file somewhere. 


VOTE (2021-120) Councilor Larochelle, seconded by Councilor Fellows moved to authorize the Town Manger to go out to bid for the remaining Graziano Square projects.  Order passed – Vote 6-0.






1.      School: Councilor Albert said he had nothing to report.


2.      Planning:  Councilor Fellows said they are working on the Marijuana Ordinance, but will need more time to finish.  He recommended the Council extend the marijuana moratorium.  He indicated they approved a modification to the Merrill Street Condo project.


3.      LDC: Councilor Larochelle said Mr. Richardson already updated the Council earlier tonight.


4.      Conservation Commission:  Councilor Ward said they met at 6:00 PM this evening.  They are working on the Forestry Management Plan, invasive species on the trail system, and are discussing the Browntail Moth situation and looking for solutions.  In addition, they are discussing different ways to do a Spring Clean-up annually.


5.      Recreation:  Councilor Albert said “hats off” to the Recreation Department and Moxie Event coordinator.  He said he was looking forward to the events planned this year at Moxie Plaza and around town.  


6.      County Budget:  Councilor Ward said he had nothing to report.


7.      Library: Councilor Lunt said he had nothing to report.


8.      Water Commission: Councilor Fellows said he had nothing to report.


9.      Finance Committee:  Councilor Albert said they are discussing the transfer station.  He said hats off to that Committee Chairman who has started to tackle this topic during the summer months.





Mrs. Barnes said the Governor is relaxing the COVID-19 restrictions starting May 24th so masks will not be required and business will get back to normal here at Town Hall.  No social distancing will be required so we can let any amount of individuals back into the lobby.  She reported Council meetings would go back to normal on June 22, too.


Councilor Lunt said the State was going to provide the town with information on what the Upper Dam will look like without the dam once the water is lower.  Mrs. Barnes indicated they might have already sent that, which she would forward to Council.   


C.      department head written reports


Councilor Ward asked where the Fire Chief is landing on the Fire/EMA situation he reported in his report. 





3-Year Term – Associate Seat To 2023


VOTE (2021-121) Councilor Larochelle, seconded by Councilor Albert moved to appoint Janice Sargent as an Associate Member to 2023 on the Lisbon Development Committee.  Order passed - Vote 6-0.





Councilor Albert announced there would be three open seats on the Council in November this year.  He said nomination papers would be available soon.  Mrs. Lycette announced absentees are available now at the Town Office for voting on the School Budget.  Call to have one mailed or drop by the Town Hall to vote. 


Councilor Fellows pointed out the May 26th meeting at MTM at 6PM to discuss the Worumbo Mill Site renderings would be considered a joint meeting with the Council since five Councilors will be attending. 







VOTE (2021-122) Councilor Larochelle, seconded by Councilor Fellows moved to go into Executive Session at 8:12 PM per 1 MRSA § 405 (6) (C) Acquisition of Real Property or Economic Development.  Order passed – Vote 6-0.


The Council came out of executive session at 8:54 PM and the meeting resumed.


VOTE (2021-122) Councilor Ganong, seconded by Councilor Lunt moved to loan $20,000 to the Olive Pit Brewing Company for a 5-year term at 5% out of the Micro Loan or IRP loan fund.  Order passed – Vote 6-0.





VOTE (2021-123) Councilor Fellows, seconded by Councilor Ganong moved to adjourn at 8:55 PM.  Order passed - Vote 6-0.





Twila D. Lycette, Council Secretary

Town Clerk, Lifetime CCM/MMC

Date Approved: June 22, 2021




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