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OCTOBER 12, 2021

Normand Albert 2021

Kasie Kolbe 2021

Allen Ward 2021

 Mark Lunt 2022

Donald Fellows 2022

Gregory Garrison (appt to 12/7/21) 2022

Fern Larochelle 2023


CALL TO ORDER.  The Town Clerk, Twila D. Lycette, called the meeting to order and Councilor Ward led the pledge of allegiance to the flag at 6:00 PM.


ROLL CALL.  Members present were Councilors Ward, Larochelle, Albert and Fellows.  Also present were Diane Barnes, Town Manager; and approximately 30 citizens in the audience along with the following candidates, Jo-Jean Keller, Heather Curtis, Clifford Miller, Harry Moore, Jr., Raymond Robishaw, Leonard Lednum, Margaret Galligan-Schmoll, and Marie Hale.


The Town Clerk read the rules for the public forum and announced housekeeping items




Questions were asked by the audience and answered by each of the candidates.




The Town Clerk called for the candidate summations.  The Town Clerk thanked everyone for attending Candidate’s Night.


The Town Clerk announced that the polling location will be at the Lisbon High School Gymnasium and the polling hours will be from 7AM to 8PM.  She reported absentee ballots are now available at the Town Hall. She encouraged those who wish to vote early to call the Town Clerk’s Office to request their ballot.  Voters can vote an absentee ballot at Town Hall up until Thursday prior to Election Day, after that by special circumstances only.  Ballots can be returned by mail, or placed in the drop box outside, or brought into the Town Clerk’s Office.    




The Town Clerk closed the public forum at 7:57 PM. 





Twila D. Lycette, Council Secretary

Town Clerk, Lifetime CCM/MMC

Date Approved: 10/19/2021




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