BH:5-1.1    Keeping Poultry Prohibited.

   No poultry shall be kept or permitted to be kept in the Borough.  (1968 Code §74-12)


BH:5-1.2    Keeping Pigeons and Certain Small Animals Prohibited.

   No person shall keep, raise, breed or sell any pigeons (homing pigeons excepted), rabbits, guinea pigs, hares or similar animals in the Borough, except those kept as pets for recreational purposes.  (1968 Code §74-13; New)


BH:5-1.3    Shelters for Small Animals; Cleaning and Inspection.

   All small animals shall be kept in a suitable shelter; such shelter must be kept thoroughly clean at all times and open to inspection at all times by the Board or its inspectors; the shelter shall be cleaned at least once a week and more often if the Board or its inspectors shall so require.  (1968 Code §74-14)


BH:5-1.4    Slaughtering Permit for Poultry and Small Animals; Duration and Fee.

a.     No person shall engage in the business of slaughtering, killing or dressing poultry or small animals in the Borough without obtaining a permit from the Board for that purpose, which permit shall expire on December 31.

b.     The permit may be granted by the Board upon payment of a fee of five ($5.00) dollars.

        (1968 Code §74-15)


BH:5-1.5    Discretion of Board as to Permits; Revocation.

   Any and all permits for the keeping or slaughtering of horses, cattle, poultry or small animals shall be granted only at the discretion of the Board, and may be revoked at the discretion of the Board.  (1968 Code §74-16)




BH:5-2.1    Report of Rabies or Suspected Rabies.

   It shall be the duty of all persons owning or having an interest in, or having in their possession or under their control, or having knowledge of, any dog or cat or other animal in the Borough affected with rabies or suspected of being affected with rabies, to forthwith notify the Health Officer by telephone, or in person if practicable, and also in writing, signed by the person making the same, which report shall state where such animal, may be found, and if possible a description of the animal, the location of the animal and the name and address of the owner.  (1968 Code §74-60)


BH:5-2.2    Report of Other Diseases.

   Every veterinarian in attendance on, or other person having knowledge of, any animal or poultry within the Borough having any reportable disease shall within twenty-four (24) hours thereafter report in writing to the Health Officer, a statement containing the location of each diseased animal, the name and address of the owner thereof and the type and character of the disease.  (1968 Code §74-61)


BH:5-2.3    Isolation of Infected Animals.

   The owner or any other person keeping or in charge of any animal affected with any reportable disease shall isolate such animal and follow such precautions as the Health Officer shall direct.  (1968 Code §74-62)


BH:5-2.4    Report of Bites by Dogs or Cats.

   Every physician shall, immediately after his first professional attendance upon any person bitten by a dog or cat or other animal, report to the executive officer the name, age, sex, color and address of such person, and if no physician is in attendance the person bitten, or, if a child, the parent or guardian of such child, shall file or cause to be filed such report immediately after being bitten or immediately after such parent or guardian shall have knowledge that any child was so bitten.  (1968 Code §74-63)



BH:5-3    STABLES.


BH:5-3.1    Permit.

a.     Required; Fee and Duration.  No one shall keep horses in the Borough without a permit.  All permits shall be issued on January 1 of each year and expire on December 31 of each year; fee for the permit shall be twenty ($20.00) dollars per year.

b.     Revocation of Permit. The Board of Health may revoke a permit for violation of any of the provisions of this section.  

        (1968 Code §§74-38, 74-44)


BH:5-3.2    Daily Cleaning Required; Manure Containers.

   All stables and barns shall be clean and free of accumulation of manure.  All manure must be collected daily and placed in covered metal containers.  (1968 Code §74-39)


BH:5-3.3    Drainage.

All stables and barns shall be properly drained.  (1968 Code §74-40)


BH:5-3.4    Cleaning of Stable Yards.

   All yards shall be kept free from accumulation of manure.  All manure shall be collected daily and placed in covered metal containers.  (1968 Code §74-41)


BH:5-3.5    Barns or Corrals Required.

   Horses shall be kept in barn or an approved corral.  They shall not be permitted to run unattended in the yard.  No corral shall be built or maintained within twenty (20') feet of any property line.  (1968 Code §74-42)


BH:5-3.6    Screening of Barns; Rodents and Flies.

   Barns shall be screened and owner shall initiate all necessary measures to reduce flies and control rodents.  (1968 Code §74-43)





BH:5-4.1     Definitions.

a.     Animal care facility shall mean an animal control center or animal shelter, maintained by or under contract with any state, county, or municipality, whose mission and practice is, in whole, or significant part, the rescue and placement of animals in permanent homes or rescue organizations.

b.     Animal rescue organization shall mean any not-for-profit organization which has tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(3) of the United State Internal Revenue Code, whose mission and practice is, in whole, or significant part, the rescue and placement of animal in permanent homes.

c.     Cat shall mean a member of the species of domestic cat, Felis catus.

d.     Dog shall mean a member of the species of domestic dog, Canis familiaris.

e.     Offer for sale shall mean to sell, offer for sale or adoption, advertise for the sale of, barter, auction, give away or otherwise dispose of a dog or cat.

f.      Pet shop shall mean a retail establishment where dogs and cats are sold, exchanged, bartered or offered for sale as pet animals to the general public at retail. Such definition shall not include an animal care facility or animal rescue organization, as defined herein.

(Ord. No. 2016:21 adopted by Mayor and Borough Council)


BH:5-4.2     Restrictions on the Sale of Animals.

a.     A pet shop may offer for sale only those dogs and cats that the pet shop has obtained from or displays in cooperation with:

1.     An animal care facility; or

2.     An animal rescue organization.

b.     A pet shop shall not offer for sale a dog or cat that is younger than eight (8) weeks old.

(Ord. No. 2016:21 adopted by Mayor and Borough Council)



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