18.56.010 Creation of vested rights.

18.56.010 Creation of vested rights. Applications for development that are substantially complete and have been submitted for approval to the appropriate review agency in the town prior to enactment of this zoning ordinance or any amendment thereto shall be considered vested. For the purposes of this section, any application considered by the town shall be reviewed according to the regulations applicable in the zoning ordinance in force at the time the application was submitted. A complete application supported by such data and evidence as may be required by the zoning board of review, shall constitute a complete application and be considered vested. If an application for development under the provisions of this section is approved, a time limit of six months shall be set within which development of the property must begin and twelve months within which development must be substantially completed.

(Ord. dated 12-19-94(part))


R.I. Gen. Laws § 45-24-44, Land Development and Subdivision Regulations Sec. 1.4.

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