6.1          Procedure for recording plats and plans


6.1.1       A plat or plan is recorded in the land evidence records after the following:


a)   The Administrative Officer has certified the final plan checklist as complete.


b)   The Public Works Director has certified in writing that all required improvements have been constructed or installed, have been inspected, and comply with the approved plans and these regulations, or the applicant has provided an improvement guarantee in the amount approved by the Planning Board and in a form acceptable to the Finance Director.


c)   The applicant has paid all of the required fees, including inspection fees for a development for which an improvement guarantee will be provided.   


d)   The applicant has provided the required information about the project to the state E911 emergency authority, the Town E911 coordinator, the Richmond Police Department, the appropriate ambulance service, and the appropriate fire company, and has submitted proof of notification to the Administrative Officer.


e)   The Planning Board Chairman or Secretary has endorsed the Mylar© plat or plan.


6.1.2         In addition to the plat or plan, which may include more than one sheet, the Administrative Officer shall record the written decision, including conditions placed on approval, and any other document relating to the development that imposes a restriction on the property that is binding on subsequent owners. Other records pertaining to the application shall be filed with the Administrative Officer and by the Town department responsible for implementation and enforcement. 


6.2           Requirements for digital data


6.2.1         If a plat, plan, or other document for recording is computer generated, the applicant shall submit the document together with all of the following:


a)  A copy of an identical digital file on magnetic or optical media.


b)  An image file of the document in jpg format or another format approved in advance by the Administrative Officer.


c)   A separate document that contains documentation or metadata describing the methods or standards for accuracy, the specific type of software used to generate the digital file, and the name, address, and registration number of the surveyor.


6.2.2       The digital file shall show at least four registration points for each dxf layer, located near the edges of the document to define the spatial extent of the document. The registration points shall be in the NAD83-RISPC in U.S. survey feet.


6.3          Changes to recorded plats and plans


Amendments to a recorded plat or plan shall be recorded in the land evidence records. If the changes are approved before the parcel has been developed, the amendments must be recorded before any building permit is issued.


6.3.1      Minor changes    The Administrative Officer has the authority to approve minor changes to recorded plats and plans without the approval of the Planning Board, but may ask the Planning Board for a recommendation. If the Administrative Officer refuses to make a minor change, the applicant has the right to submit the proposed change to the Planning Board as a major change.    A minor change is a change that, in the opinion of the Administrative Officer, is consistent with the intent of the original approval. Minor changes include but are not limited to the following:


a)   Changes to utility plans that are acceptable to the Director of Public Works or to the appropriate utility.


b)   Lot line changes that could be approved as an administrative subdivision.


c)   Changes to grading plans or drainage plans that are acceptable to the Director of Public Works and do not require approval of any state or federal agency.


d)   Changes to construction plans required because of unforeseen physical conditions on the property.


e)   Modifications to construction plans for off-site improvements that are acceptable to the Director of Public Works.


f)   Modifications required by outside permitting agencies including the R.I. Department of Environmental Management and the R.I. Department of Transportation.


6.3.2       Major changes    Major changes shall be approved by the Planning Board. The procedure for preliminary approval of a major land development project shall be used for approval of a major change to a recorded plat or plan.

       A major change is a change that in the opinion of the Administrative Officer clearly differs from the intent of the original approval.  Major changes include but are not limited to the following:


a)   Changes that would create additional lots or dwelling units for development.


b)   Changes that require a variance or special use permit from the Zoning Board of Review.


c)   Changes that may have significant negative impacts on abutting property or property in the vicinity of the development.


6.4          Acceptance of public improvements


6.4.1       When all required improvements have been completed and the Public Works Director has certified that the improvements were constructed in conformity with the approved plans and with these regulations, the developer shall submit a written request to the Town to accept those areas, easements, and improvements in the development that are intended to be conveyed to the Town. The developer shall include with the request:


a)   A detailed description of all the improvements to be conveyed, with references to the approved plat or plan.


b)   Warranty deeds for all property or easements to be conveyed to the Town, with metes and bounds descriptions and references to the approved plat or plan.     


6.4.2                The Administrative Officer shall forward the request to the Town Clerk’s office for Town Council approval.


6.4.3       The Town is not responsible for maintenance or repair of any public improvement until the Town Council has voted to accept it.         


(Adopted 9/9/03, amended 8/11/09, amended 10/27/15)


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