9.1          Violations


9.1.1       Any person who fails or refuses to adhere to any requirement imposed by these regulations, and any person who violates any of the terms or conditions placed on any approval by the Planning Board or the Administrative Officer, shall be in violation of these regulations.  


9.1.2       Any person who sells, transfers, or negotiates to sell any land by referring to, showing, or otherwise using a plat or plan that has not been recorded in the land evidence records shall be in violation of these regulations.


9.1.3       Enforcement shall be the responsibility of the Administrative Officer, who shall refer violations to the town solicitor for prosecution.


9.2          Penalties


               The penalty for violation shall reasonably relate to the seriousness of the offense, and shall not exceed five hundred dollars ($500) for each violation. Each day of existence of any violation is a separate offense. Any fine shall inure to the Town.


9.3          Injunctive relief


9.3.1       The Town shall have the authority to bring suit in the Superior Court to restrain the violation of these regulations or to compel compliance with these regulations.


9.3.2       The Town shall have the authority to consolidate an action seeking the imposition of fines with an action for injunctive relief.


(Adopted 9/9/03, amended 8/11/09)


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