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POSTED 6.5.20




THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2020 @ 7:00 PM


In accordance with the guidance provided by the Governor and State and Local emergency management authorities due to the current state of emergency, Town meetings will be conducted solely via internet video conference with telephonic access; there shall be no in-person gathering for this meeting.  The Town has set up the following internet video conference and telephonic access capabilities for council members and public participation.


By internet at:

Password: 061746 (if needed)


By phone at: (929) 205-6099, Meeting ID: 883 9138 4933

Password: 061746 (if needed)


If you have any questions, please contact the Town Clerk’s Office during normal business hours.



Attachments are available to view on our website


1.   Pledge of Allegiance


2.   Call to order – Council President


3.   Roll Call – Town Clerk


4.   Public comment for items not on the agenda Video Icon


5.   Consent Items - Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote: Video Icon


A.   Approval of Town Council meeting minutes:


i.    Regular meeting May 14, 2020

ii.   Executive session May 14, 2020


B.   Department Reports


i.    Town Clerk

ii.   Public Works

iii.  Building Official/Zoning

iv.  Police

v.   Treasurer

vi.  Senior Services

vii. Human Services

viii. EMA

ix.  Recreation


C.   Payment of Town Bills:


i.    Early Town Expenses - $151,785.70

ii.   Regular Town Expenses - $21,784.71

iii.  General Obligation Bonds - $32,631.33

iv.  Volunteer Fire Dept. Insurance - $66,135.00


D.   Fireworks Sale LicenseBrigidos Fresh Market, 25 Village Plaza Way, Scituate; requested for June 13 – July 11, 2020 only


E.   Victualling Licenses – Mark Brigido d/b/a Moose Trackers Ice Cream and Confections, 1 Village Plaza, No. Scituate, RI


F.   Reappointments:


i.    North Scituate Village Overlay Committee (see attached)

ii.   Hope Village Overlay Committee (see attached)


G.   Authorization to post for open positions:


i.    Authorization for Town Clerk to post for two open positions on the North Scituate Village Overlay Committee


1.   Member term ending 5/31/22

2.   Alternate term ending 5/31/21


H.   Authorization to hire Frank Holbrook, Esq. as alternate prosecutor at a rate of $150/hr. on as needed basis.


6.   Appointments - Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote: Video Icon


A.   Appointment of a Chief Administrative Officer for appeals related to Public Records requests


7.   Town Business - Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote: Video Icon


A.   Update from Police Station Building Committee on the status of the Police Station Project, and actions and considerations of the Committee to date


B.   Authorization for the Town Council President, in consultation with the Town Council Vice President and the Emergency Management Agency Director, to continue the Town State of Emergency and Executive Orders through June 30, 2020, unless revoked earlier.


C.   Recommendation from Councilwomen Groves and Frederickson to retain Dina Elhelw as the Director of Senior Services after the expiration of her existing employment contract on June 30, 2020 with compensation and benefits at current levels without a new or extended employment contract.


D.   Accept Letter of Retirement from Police Chief Donald R. Delaere, Jr. and appoint Lieutenant David Mack as the Acting Chief of Police effective June 28, 2020.


E.   Recommendation from Council President Brady to appoint Kirk Loiselle as the Director of Public Works at his current level of compensation and benefits in line with that of the prior Director.


F.   Recommendation from the Animal Shelter Building Committee, in consultation with the Town Purchasing Agent, to conditionally approve the bid for the construction of the Animal Shelter addition to Superstructure Building, LLC in the amount of $154,590.00; said bid shall not be awarded until $85,245.00 is fund-raised by Friends of the Scituate Animal Shelter, Volunteer Initiative for the Scituate Animal Shelter (d/b/a VI for SAS), Campaign for the Addition to the Scituate Animal Shelter (d/b/a CASAS) and/or any equivalent organization/individuals (“Fund-Raised Amount”); if the Fund-Raised amount is not secured before November 11, 2020, the bid shall not be awarded per the RFP and Post-Bid Supplement; and authorization for the Treasurer and Purchasing Agent, each, to take any and all such actions, and to approve, execute and deliver all such documents as may be necessary to carry into effect the foregoing, or to take any other action relative thereto. Superstructure Building was the sole bidder to respond to the amended RFP.


G.   Approval of November 3, 2020 Local Ballot Question concerning the adoption of a Home Rule Charter pursuant to Section 7 of Article XIII of the Constitution of the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations. Video Icon


H.   Establishment of a process and related authorization for the Town to provide and disseminate educational information related to the November 3, 2020 town-wide vote on the Home Rule Charter


8.   Adjournment of Meeting


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