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Posted 7.6.21




THURSDAY, JULY 8, 2021 @ 6:30 PM




High School Auditorium

94 Trimtown Road

N. Scituate, RI 02857




The Town has set up the following internet video conference and telephonic access capabilities for council members and public participation:


By internet at:

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Dial via telephone:

888 788 0099 US Toll-free

Meeting ID: 831 9026 4577

Passcode: 549351


Please contact the Town Clerk’s Office during normal business hours with any questions.



Attachments are available to view on our website


1.   Pledge of Allegiance


2.   Call to order – Council President


3.   Roll Call – Town Clerk


4.   Possible Motion(s) to convene into Closed/Executive Session:


A.   The Town Council may convene into Executive Session to discuss, take possible action, and/or vote pursuant to the relevant requirements of R.I. General Laws § 42-46-5(a) Subsection (2) Potential Litigation with one or more contractors related to the completion of the police station construction project.  Discussion and/or Potential action, announcement and/or vote(s) from Executive Session and/or Open Session concerning potential litigation and/or settlement thereof with one or more contractors related to the completion of the police station construction project.


5.   Motion to close Executive Session / Motion to seal Executive Session minutes / Announcement of Vote(s) in Executive Session, if any.


6.   Regular Meeting call to order – Council President – Beginning no earlier than 7:00 P.M.


7.   Recognition of volunteers who assisted during Covid 19 pandemic.


8.   Recognition of the Scituate High School Girls’ Softball Team for winning the State Championship.


9.   Recognition of the Scituate High School Wrestling Team for winning the State Championship.


10. Public comment for items not on the agenda


11. Consent Items – Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote:


A.   Approval of Town Council meeting minutes:


i.    Regular meeting of June 10, 2021

ii.   Closed session meeting of June 10, 2021

iii.  Special meeting of June 24, 2021

iv.  Closed session meeting of June 24, 2021


B.   Department Reports


i.    Town Clerk

ii.   Public Works

iii.  Building Official/Zoning

iv.  Police

v.   Treasurer

vi.  Senior Services

vii. Human Services

viii. EMA

ix.  Recreation


C.   Abatements and Additions: See attached list.


D.   Payment of Town Bills:


i.    Early Town Expenses - $288,772.14

ii.   Regular Town Expenses - $813,256.34


E.   Authorization for the Town Council President, in consultation with the Town Council Vice President and the Emergency Management Agency Director, to continue the Town State of Emergency through August 15, 2021, unless revoked earlier; ratification of all actions undertaken pursuant to Town State of Emergency since the previous extension.


12. Town Business—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote:


A.   An update from EMA Director John Robinson on the Town’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic and an update on the status of the vaccine distribution plan for the Town.


B.   Authorization to conduct an archaeological investigation at the 1852 Potterville School, located at 316 Old Plainfield Pike to allow students to participate in a hands-on archaeological experience.


C.   Appointments:


i.    Housing Authority open position to expire 12/31/2024; resumes submitted:

a.   Charles A. Collins, Jr.

b.   Dorinda Browne


D.   Review of resident traffic and refuse concerns regarding Rockland Road and Trimtown Road. Possible referral to Town staff for further action and/or follow-up.


E.   Authorization to post position for Labor/Driver/Operator as a DPW full-time new hire.


F.   Authorization for the DPW Director, in consultation with the Purchasing Agent, to utilize the State Master Pricing Agreement (“MPA”) to purchase a new Street Sweeper within the budget allocated by the electors at the Financial Town Meeting.


G.   Authorization to establish a committee, to be possibly composed of Town staff, the Town Engineer, and a member or members of the Town Council, to review the responses received from the RFQ for professional architect and engineer services issued to review the infrastructure projects in town and provide a recommendation to the Town Council for a later bid award.


H.   Possible vote on proposed settlement in the Purdue Pharma, L.P. bankruptcy plan as it relates to the Town’s interest in the national Opioid Multi-District Litigation (“MDL”).


I.    Review and possible vote on bid award concerning the “Furnish and Install Fencing Enclosure with Gates” Request for Proposals to be installed at the Police Station.  Bids received June 30, 2021 from:


Bidder Name

Bid Amount

All State Fence

696 Russell Woods Drive

Lynchburg, VA 24502

Sydney P. Barbour 301-91



$  3,488.00 privacy slat vs mesh

$  3,230.00 alternate cost gate

$  1,085.00 alternate emergency exit panic bar



Premier Fence

1010 Turnpike Street

Canton, MA 02021

Anthony Santagati 800-288-1184


$ 83,165.80

Green Acres Landscape & Construction Co., Inc.

21 Malbone Street

Lakeville, MA 02347


$39,489.00 steel cantilever price


$46,624.00 aluminum cantilever price

United Fence & Construction

233R George Waterman Road

Johnston, RI 02919




J.    Adjournment of Meeting


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