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Thursday, September 14, 2023 @ 6:30 PM


High School Auditorium

94 Trimtown Road

N. Scituate, RI 02857


The Town has set up the following internet video conference and telephonic access capabilities for remote public participation for items other than public hearings:


By internet/Zoom at:


Dial via telephone:

888 788 0099 US Toll-free

Meeting ID: 812 4329 2388

Passcode: 132310



Attachments are available to view on our website


1.   Pledge of Allegiance


2.   Call to order – Town Council President


3.   Roll Call – Town Clerk


4.   Possible Motion(s) to convene into Closed/Executive Session: Video


A.   The Town Council may convene into Executive Session to discuss, take possible action, and/or vote pursuant to the relevant requirements of R.I. Gen. Laws § 42-46-5 (a) Subsection (1), a discussion of the job performance, character, or physical or mental health of an employee, provided that such person affected shall have been notified in advance in writing and advised that he may require that the discussion be held at an open meeting.  Discussion and/or Potential action, announcement and/or vote(s) from Executive Session and/or Open Session concerning the affected employee.


5.   Motion to close Executive Session / Motion to seal Executive Session minutes / Announcement of Vote(s) in Executive Session, if any. Video


6.   Recognition of Scituate First Responders and Emergency Personnel who responded to the EF-2 Tornado that touched down in Scituate on August 18, 2023. Video


7.   Public Hearings—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote (Note: No virtual participation on these public hearing items): Video


A.   First Reading of the proposed amendment to Appendix A, Article II, Section 1 and Article IV, Section 16 with regard to allowing wineries, distilleries and farm wineries within the Town of Scituate


8.   Public comment for items not on the agenda Video


9.   Appointments—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote: Video


A.   Juvenile Hearing Board, 3 open positions, terms expiring 6/30/2026. Applications received from:


i.    Harry Hall, IV

ii.   Lori Hart

iii.  Tinisha Tosoni

iv.  Kathryn Manning

v.   Micheline Lombardi

vi.  Courtney Jansen


B.   Request from the North Scituate Overlay Review Committee to appoint Roxanne Jasparro as a regular member, filling an expiring term ending 5/31/2025


C.   Request from the North Scituate Village Overlay Review Committee to appoint Kimberly Smith to the Alternate 1 position with a term ending 5/31/2024.


10. Consent Items—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote: Video


A.   Approval of Town Council meeting minutes:


i.    Regular Meeting – August 10, 2023

ii.   Executive Session – August 10, 2023


B.   Department Reports


i.    Town Clerk

ii.   Public Works

iii.  Building Official/Zoning

iv.  Police       

v.   Treasurer

vi.  Senior Services

vii. Human Services

viii.  EMA

ix.  Recreation


C.   Abatements and Additions: See Attached


D.   Correspondence: NONE


E.   Joint Pole Location(s):


i.    165 Westcott Road – New Pole


F.   Re-Appointments: None


G.   Resignations & Retirements:


i.    Lauren Avery – Clayville Schoolhouse Revitalization Committee

ii.   Stephen Venditelli – Conservation Commission, effective upon filling of seat

iii.  Brian Venditelli – Conservation Commission, effective November 30, 2023

iv.  Patrolman David Williams – Police Department


H.   Authorization to post for open positions


i.    Clayville Schoolhouse Revitalization Committee, Unexpired Term Ending 12/31/2023

ii.   Conservation Commission, Unexpired Term Ending 11/30/2025

iii.  Conservation Commission, Full Member Term Ending 11/30/2026

iv.  North Scituate Overlay Review Committee, Alternate 2 position, term ending 5/31/2024


I.    Licenses—subject to receipt of all required paperwork, all State and Local permits, and compliance with all stipulations, rules and regulations as previously required by the Town Council:


i.    Approval of Art Festival Licenses: See attached list.

ii.   Authorization for Town Clerk Long to approve late Art Festival License


J.    Payment of Town Bills:


i.    Early Town Expenses - $475,846.98

ii.   School General Obligation Bond - $118,597.80

iii.  Regular Town Expenses Old Budget - $81,983.57


11. Resolutions—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote: NONE Video


12. Town Business—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote:


A.   Possible determination by the Town Council, in light of the Board of Elections decision on August 22, 2023 to defer such a decision to the Town Council, of whether to fill the vacancy on the Town Council created by the death of David A. D’Agostino, and if the Town Council decides that the vacancy should be filled, a possible determination of the process and/or manner in which the vacancy should be filled. Video


B.   Request from Janice LeBrun, Trustee of the Janice M. LeBrun 2019 Declaration of Trust dated December 23, 2019, and Rhode Island Housing to waive eligibility requirements of the Town’s CSSLP which currently does not allow for non-individual owners of property to apply for a septic system loan concerning Lot 23 on Scituate Tax Assessor’s Plat 45, also known as 476 Central Pike. (Continued from August) Video


C.   Request from Gianna Pagliarini Has and Rhode Island Housing to allow the applicant’s loan application to proceed with regard to the Town’s CSSLP concerning Lot 45 on Scituate Tax Assessor’s Plat 17, also known as 20 Elisha Mathewson Road, in which the applicant has applied to Rhode Island Housing, but has already installed a new septic while awaiting approval and disbursement.


D.   Request from Treasurer’s Office for Approval of the Third-Party Administration Agreement between the Town of Scituate and Beacon Mutual Insurance for the Police Department Injured on Duty (“IOD”) coverage.


E.   Request from the Art Festival Committee to use the town grounds at and around the Congregational Church for the 57th Scituate Art Festival to be held October 7-9, 2023.


F.   Approval of Building Official’s request for permission to attend the NEBOA Seminar, October 2-4, 2023, with overnight travel to Massachusetts using the town vehicle, hotel stay and seminar cost not to exceed $800.00.


G.   Approval of Building Official’s request for permission to take the town vehicle home for emergency use and/or direct use from home, pursuant to Ordinance § 2-47 and the Town of Scituate Human Resource Policy Manual. 


H.   Request from the Clayville School House Revitalization Committee, in consultation with the Purchasing Agent, to post a request for proposals (“RFP”) for repairs and exterior painting of the historic schoolhouse.


I.    Request from the Clayville School House Revitalization Committee, in consultation with the Purchasing Agent, to post a request for proposals (“RFP”) for roof replacement of the historic schoolhouse.


J.    Consideration of referring holiday consistency between union and non-union employees to the Human Resource Committee and Human Resource Consultant TMDA HR Solutions for any recommendations, including any recommended changes to any ordinances, collective bargaining contracts and/or the Human Resource Policy Manual.


K.   Request from the Scituate Business Association (“SBA”) to reserve the Town Gazebo for a Scarecrow Festival on October 14, 2023, which will include food and activities, subject to any state or town required approvals.


L.   Request from Todd Thompson, Joanne Thompson, and Centerville Bank to subordinate three liens ($780, $9,860, & $13,635) held by the Town under the Western Rhode Island Home Repair Program, including possible authorization for the Town Council President, in consultation with the Town Treasurer and Town Solicitor, to sign any and all documents necessary to effectuate the foregoing.


13. Adjournment of Meeting




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