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Posted 6.10.24




Thursday, June 13, 2024 @ 6:30 PM


High School Auditorium

94 Trimtown Road

N. Scituate, RI 02857


The Town has set up the following internet video conference and telephonic access capabilities for remote public participation for items other than public hearings:


By internet/Zoom at:


Dial via telephone:

888 788 0099 US Toll-free

Meeting ID: 812 4329 2388

Passcode: 132310



Attachments are available to view on our website


1.   Pledge of Allegiance Video


2.   Call to order – Town Council President Video


3.   Roll Call – Town Clerk Video


4.   Possible Motion(s) to convene into Closed/Executive Session: Video


A.   The Town Council may convene into Executive Session to discuss, take possible action, and/or vote pursuant to the relevant requirements of R.I. General Laws § 42-46-5(a) Subsection (2) Collective Bargaining (Union negotiations with International Brotherhood of Police Officers (“IBPO”) Local 502 for new collective bargaining agreement beginning July 1, 2024). Discussion and/or Potential action, announcement and/or vote(s) from Executive Session and/or Open Session concerning a possible new collective bargaining agreement beginning July 1, 2024 with IBPO Local 502.


5.   Motion to close Executive Session / Motion to seal Executive Session minutes / Announcement of Vote(s) in Executive Session, if any. Video


6.   Regular Meeting call to order – Council President – Beginning no earlier than 7:00 P.M. Video


7.   Proclamations, Presentations and Acknowledgements—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote: Video


A.   In Memoriam Proclamation:  Daniel J. Casey


8.   Public Hearings – Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote (Note: No virtual participation on these public hearing items) Video


A.   Second Reading on the amendment to the Stop Sign Ordinance to add stop signs at the intersection of Ridgewood Drive and Crestview Drive as recommended by the Traffic Safety Committee; Article II, Section 7-28 Approval of Stop Signs


9.   Public comment for items not on the agenda Video


10. Appointments—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote:  Video


A.   Hazard Mitigation and Flood Management Plan Advisory Committee, term expiring 12/31/2024. Ratification of appointments made by EMA Director; Names submitted:


a.   John Robinson, EMA Director

b.   Abbie Groves, Town Council President

c.    Kirk Loiselle, Public Works Director

d.   Karen Beattie, Finance Director

e.   Dennis Charland, Zoning Board of Review Chair

f.    Cindy Gianfrancesco, RI Land Trust and Conservation Committee

g.   Tony Araujo, Providence Water Supply Board

h.   Joe Casali, Town Engineer

i.    Any other member appointed by the EMA Director, up to 4 members


B.   Deputy Chief Christopher DeCesare, Traffic Safety Committee, term expiring 12/31/2024


C.   Juvenile Hearing Board, terms expiring 06/30/2027, three vacancies. Names submitted:


i.    Harry Hall, IV

ii.   Lori Hart LaFauci

iii.  Curtney Jansen

iv.  Micheline Grossi Lombardi

v.   Kathryn Manning

vi.  Tanisha Tosoni


11. Consent Items—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote: Video


A.   Approval of Town Council meeting minutes:


i.    Regular Meeting – May 9, 2024

ii.   Executive Session – May 9, 2024

iii.  May 23, 2024


B.   Department Reports


i.       Town Clerk

ii.      Public Works

iii.     Building Official/Zoning

iv.     Police    

v.      Treasurer

vi.     Senior Services

vii.    Human Services

viii.   EMA

ix.     Recreation

x.      Conservation Commission/Land Trust


C.   Abatements and Additions: None


D.   Correspondence: NONE


E.   Joint Pole Location(s): NONE


F.   Re-Appointments:


i.    Hope Village District Overlay Committee, term expiring 5/31/2026


a.   Fred Faria

b.   Dean Huff


ii.   North Scituate Village Overlay District Committee, term expiring 5/31/2026


a.   Adam Hebert

b.   Kimberly Smith

c.    Michael Charland


G.   Resignations & Retirements: NONE


H.   Authorization to post for open positions:


I.    Licenses—subject to receipt of all required paperwork, all State and Local permits, and compliance with all stipulations, rules and regulations as previously required by the Town Council: NONE


J.    Payment of Town Bills:


i.    Early Town Expenses – $269,125.45

ii.   Regular Town Expenses – $214,511.41


12. Resolutions—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote: Video


A.   Proposed Town Council Resolution to authorize the Town Council to reserve those capital funds from Fiscal Year 2023-2024 as set forth and described in Exhibit A to the proposed resolution (attached hereto and incorporated herein by reference), which were authorized by the electors of the Town at the 2023 Financial Town Meeting held on April 4, 2023.


13. Town Business—Review, Discussion and/or Potential Action and/or Vote: Video


A.   Determination of the eligibility of the full-time, non-union, Deputy Director of the Department of Public Works position to receive longevity.  The current salary is $85,000 per year, other terms and conditions of employment consistent with the posted job description and the Town of Scituate Human Resource Manual


B.   Recommendation from the Purchasing Agent and Director of Public Works to renew the Residential Refuse and Recycling Contract with Rambone Disposal for another three-year term per the terms of the current contract, with rates and costs as follows:




Proposed FY25

Proposed FY26

Proposed FY27

Proposed Increase %





Per Month Cost





Per Year Cost






C.   Request from Police Chief Rollinson to send two (2) recruits to RI Municipal Police Academy.


D.   Request from the Finance Director to attend the International Association of Assessing Officers Conference on Assessment Administration in Denver, CO August 25-29, 2024.  Amount not to exceed $2,500.00; funds budgeted in FY24/25 Assessor’s Budget.


14. Adjournment of Meeting Video


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