The Town Council of the Town of Tiverton, County and State aforesaid held a Special Council Meeting on Tuesday, the 4th day of February 2020 at 7:00 pm at the Tiverton Public Library, 34 Roosevelt Avenue, Tiverton, RI




Council President Hilton, Councilor Clarke, Councilor Cook, Councilor Driggs and Councilor Perry.

Vice-President deMedeiros and Councilor Edwards were absent

Town Administrator and Town Clerk Mello were also present


Council President Hilton called the meeting to order with the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.



Overall Discussion, Review, and Potential Preliminary Votes on FY 2020/2021 Budget, Including Individual Line Items, as Previously Submitted by Town Administrator

Included but not limited to:

a.      Town Treasurer Accounts

b.      Tax Collector

c.       Planning & Building – Land Use

d.      Library Services

e.       Senior Center Services

f.        Public Works


Administrator gave brief overview on budget process.  Councilor Driggs added the Treasurer and Town Clerk budgets go directly to Budget Committee.  Addressed Administrator’s duties in Charter under Section 503-1 state the Town Administrator ‘s proposed municipal budget shall include all anticipated revenues and expenditures except those for school purposes and the total of such expenditures shall not be greater than the total of the anticipated revenue.  Councilor Hilton addressed casino revenue continues to annualize; currently 1.7 million although State guarantees 3 million through 2030.  Administrator’s recommended budget proposal has operating expenses up 2.9% without capital.


Labor Counsel

Recommended level funding at 60k. Last two contracts are close to completion. Councilor Hilton suggested decreasing to 35k.


Councilor Cook motioned to reduce Labor Counsel to 35k, seconded by Councilor Driggs. Motion passed unanimously.


Treasurer – Denise Saurette


Debt Service - Savings due to refinancing of bonds.  TIF Bond has two more years and will be savings of $686k.

Correction under recurring finance payments for DPW Plow Trucks, 54,333 should be 54,533.

Insurance - Reductions reflect vacancies, police and fire paying more deductible amount, some retirees are removed at age 65.  Numbers for Property/Liability/Workman’s Comp come from the Trust.

Audit of Town Accounts - Increased by $3000, just an estimate.  Contract expires this year and will be going out for RFP.


Pension Plans -           Amounts are set by State and will increase with contract raises. Special Retirement line item is by agreement between Town and (2) Firefighters. One is paid $8500 and one is paid $8000 annually as part of their retirement until death.

Social Security - Rate is 7.65% of salaries, also goes up with raises.

Unemployment Security and Unfunded Liability - Both best guesses.


Administrator addressed all IT Consulting Services have been removed from departments and are now under Administrator’s budget.


Land Use - Bill Moore


Bldg/Zoning Clerk & Land Use Clerk - Councilor Hilton questioned the Land Use/Zoning Clerk increase of 3.45% since she is under AFSCME.  Building Official commented the senior clerk retired and was replaced and the line item also includes Planning Board clerk. Administrator will review that recommended amount.


Discussion on e-permitting expenses and the need to go back to the State on fees charged in Building office.  Also Boarding of Building should be paid by owners.


Motion – Councilor Cook motioned to reduce Boarding of buildings from $1500 to $1000.  Seconded by Councilor Driggs, motion passed 3-2.  Councilors Clarke and Perry opposed.



Library budget will be on next meeting. Board of Trustees have not yet voted on budget.


Senior Center Services – Janet Homes


Bus Services – Director’s car travel expense, repairs for both Director’s car and bus, all bus expenses including driver under that account.

Supplies, Activities, Instruction - Pays for all class instructions.  Cost to attend activities by seniors is placed in Town revenue and all costs are budgeted. Tries to increase activities and classes.  Senior sewing group profits go to charity, Star Kids.

Building Maintenance- Requesting increase to $7500.  Currently only spent $2033 of budget.  Director explained the need for handicap signs, shingles on back roof, masonry work, asbestos removal, need to be done in the spring. Trying to keep up with repairs.


Public Works – Director Rick Rogers


Maintenance Workers - Contract salaries not distributed to account at this time.

Uniform Rental – Increase reflects results of new bid with different company

Clothing Allowance - Set by contract

Repairs and Tires - Increase reflective of costs.  Director has been holding off repairs until spring

Paving and Drainage – This is restricted account with roll over from prior year. Done in spring.

Line Painting - Slight increase

Guard Rails - Not used this year as of yet but new requirement for modified ends that are more expensive

Mobile Communications – Staff mobile phones. Could be savings going forward with change of service

IT Computer Software – Account used for fuel system, time clock and scanner tool for mechanic to diagnoses vehicles.

Gas Oil Fuel - Reflects inflation, do get some reimbursed.

Rubbish Collection - Based on contractor estimates.  There is a defined rate increase in contract.  Cost $2200 per week to transport to Johnston and tipping fees.  Does not include bulk waste.


Landfill Operations – DPW Director Rogers

Landfill Equip Rent/Cover - Cost of fill for cover is down in anticipation only open ½ year.

Engineering and Testing - Pare Engineering testing will continue even after November. DEM added testing of surface water.  Permitting will continue for some time.

Gas & Motor Oil - Even though less than year, will still be doing cover and grading

Landfill workers - Still anticipate working on cover, etc. and at will be needed at recycle center.

On Site Waste Treatment Compliance Program - This amount goes to Tiverton Wastewater District.  Discussion on program and need to upgrade the ordinance to bring in compliance with DEM


Building Maintenance Division - DPW Director Rogers

Slight increase due to contracts and tool purchases needed

Parks Maintenance, Mowing

Field Rehabilitation – This amount is by contract. Director Rogers suggested this is a small budget for a Town this size.

Recreation Area Port-a-Johns - New account.  Previously some paid from recreation accounts and have had problems with monitoring service, removals in winter, etc. Also requires one ADA compliant by law.


Discussion on field use policy.


DPW Capital

Used 10-wheeler for 25k

Current fiscal year budget had 30k appropriated to purchase a used tractor to be put on a 10-wheeler.  Told could put on because the 10-wheeler was not road worthy.  Requesting 10-wheeler used for 25k.

Used Trailer 20k - Current trailer is not road worthy and limits hauling. Currently no way to haul dozer.

Bobcat w. Attachments for $89,600 - Cost 60k plus attachments for grinder, power rake and sweeper.

Building Repair Phase 1 - Requesting 15k.  Creating facility management plan


Summary to send to Budget Committee

Debt Service, Town Clerk, Town Council stipends, Board of Canvassers, Town Hall, Labor Counsel reduced to 35k, Town Administrator budget, Land Use reduction of $500 in Boarding of Buildings only, Probate, Treasurer, Tax Collector, Tax Sale, Insurance Audit of Town Accounts, and Senior Center Services.


Councilor Hilton raised issue of Department Head salaries. May need to consider a more merit-based plan with added flexibility between 1.5 to 3% increases.  Suggest removing standard 2% from individual salaries and place in one account.


Next meeting scheduled for Saturday, February 15th.




Councilor Driggs motioned to adjourn, seconded by Councilor Perry.  Motion passed unanimously.


The meeting adjourned 8:55 pm


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