The Tiverton Town Council held a Joint Workshop with School Committee and Budget Committee on Tuesday the 7th day of January 2020 at 6:00 p.m. at the Tiverton High School Library, 100 North Brayton Road




Council President Hilton, Vice-President deMedeiros, Councilor Clarke, Councilor Cook, Councilor Driggs, Councilor Perry and Councilor Edwards (arrived late)


Budget Committee Chair Ruth Hollenbach opened the Budget Committee portion of the Joint Workshop with roll call.


Council President Hilton called the Town Council portion of the Joint Workshop to order at approximately 6pm with roll call of members present.


School Committee Chair Jerome Larkin opened the School Committee portion of the Joint Workshop with a call for attendance and Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.




Discussion on Fiscal Year 2020/2021 Budget


Budget Committee Chair Ruth Hollenbach welcomed everyone to the Joint Workshop for discussion on the FY 21 budget and suggested all the committee members present begin by stating what they feel is the major concern for this year’s budget items.


Of major concern to various committee members for this year’s budget were the landfill closure and tipping fees, curbside trash collection, emergency services of Fire, Police and DPW, senior citizen services relative to income and ability to pay taxes, school performance, special education costs, technology and professional development in education, ability for every child to get services needed, respect by all during budget process, sharing of available funds and continuation of important steps made to improve education.


Of major concern by Town Council members were the ability to maintain services while being mindful of taxpayer pocketbooks, tax rate, effects on real estate values, school performance, keeping taxes level, landfill closure, municipal trash pickup, comprehensive plan compliance and Town services.


Committee members expressed the need to work together through the budget process.  Budget Committee Chair Hollenback and Town Council President Hilton gave brief statements relative to the budget process timeline and the State/Charter requirements for the Joint Workshop.


Town Council President and School Committee Chair both informed Budget Committee their submissions are preliminary at this stage and they continue to meet to discuss the budget details and verifying numbers. Town Council President stated Council had not yet had a chance to review the submission by the Administrator of the budget requests and will be meeting with departments and Town Administrator over next several weeks.


Budget Chair Hollenbach called for any open comment.  Budget Committee member Edwards reminded all that the Budget Committeee recommends, but voters decide.  Budget Committee member DeCotis thanked Town Council and School Committee for their hard work on the budget.


No further business was discussed.




Budget Committee member Janick motioned for the Budget Committee to adjourn, seconded by member DeCotis.  Motion passed unanimously. Budget Committee adjourned.


School Committee member Pollasch motioned to adjourn, seconded by member Pavao.  Motion passed unanimously.  School Committee adjourned.


Town Councilor Perry motioned to adjourn.  Seconded by Councilor Driggs, motion passed unanimously.  Town Council adjourned.


Joint Workshop adjourned at approximately 6:35 p.m.


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