Barrington Town Hall

Council Chamber

283 County Road, Barrington, RI

7:00 pm Monday, June 5, 2023


Agenda and attachments:


1.      Call to Order


2.      Pledge of Allegiance


3.      Land Acknowledgement:

Aquene (Peace) We recognize the unique and enduring relationship that exists between Indigenous Peoples and their traditional territories.  We acknowledge that we are in the ancestral homeland of the Pokanoket Tribe within the original territory of the Pokanoket Nation.  We commit to ongoing efforts to recognize, honor, reconcile and partner with the Pokanoket people whose ancestral lands and water we benefit from today.  Aquene (Peace)”


4.      Announcements: (Town Manager)


DISCUSS AND ACT ON THE CONSENT AGENDA:  All items with an asterisk (*) are routine by the Town Council and will be enacted by one motion.  There will be no separate discussion on these items unless a council member or citizen so request, and the request is for good cause in which event the item will be removed from the consent agenda and will be considered in its normal sequence on the agenda.


5.      *Accept Resignation(s):

·       Cemetery Commission:  Raymond Morris effective immediately.

·       Conservation Commission:  Jorie Allen effective immediately.

·       Municipal Court:

o    Judge Francis Connor III effective August 31, 2023.


6.      *Approve Reappointments to Boards and Commissions: (none)


7.      *Accept the Minutes from the Town Council meetings held on May 1, 2023;

and accept the Executive Session Minutes from March 6, 2023.


8.      *Accept Monthly Department Reports (April ‘23):

Business and Finance Director, Fire Chief, Human Resources, Library Director, Police Chief/Animal Control Official, Public Works Director, Planner/Building and Resiliency, Recreation and Senior Services Director, Tax Assessor and Town Clerk


9.      *Approve Abatement List (none)


10.   *Approve Surplus Property (none)


11.   *Acknowledge Correspondence:

·       BAY Team Monthly Report

·       BCWA Monthly Reports


12.   *Accept the amended Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee By-Laws.


13.   *Accept and Receive the proceeds, $5000.00, for the advertised sale of a Hummer 1985 from the Barrington Police Departments.


14.   Discuss and Act:   Interviews and Appointments:

·       Park & Recreation Committee: (1 vacancy:  Student Representative)

o   Interview:  Finlay Thomson

·       Planning Board: (1 vacancy:  2nd alternate with a term expiration date of December 31, 2024.)

o   Interview:  Mark Hanchar, Richard Godfrey, and Gregory Lavine


15.   Discuss and Act:  Resolution(s):

·       Celebrating the Month of June as Barrington Pride

·       Fee and Fine Schedule:  Harbor Waiting List


16.   Discuss and Act:  Ordinances


o   2023-8 An Ordinance Amendment to Chapter 45 Salaries and Compensation §Pay scale by occupational titles.


v 2023-6 An Ordinance Amendment Chapter 41 Police Department Rules and Regulations; §41-3 Appointment and removal of members.

v 2023-7 An Ordinance Amendment to Chapter 33 Personnel; 33-28.1 Bereavement.


17.   Discuss and Act: Bid(s):

·       Fire Department:

o   Purchase of 10 Multi Band APX 8000 Portable Radios, Motorola Solutions, Inc., 1303 E. Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, IL  60196 (Fire Capital Equipment Account)

·       Planning Board Building and Resilience:

o   Request for additional $5000 for Walker Farm Construction Administration – Fuss & O’Neil

·     Police Department:

·       Purchase of 21 Motorola APX 8000 portable Radios, Motorola Solutions, Inc., 1303 Algonquin Road, Schaumburg, IL  60196 (Policed Capital Equipment Account and the current Operating Budget)


18.   Public Hearing: 

Discuss and Act on Class BV Full License for Oxford Tavern, Inc., 286 Maple Avenue, Barrington, RI Owner(s):  Alan, Lorree and Arielle Manchester


19.   Discuss and Act:  Compost Drop Off Proposal


20.   Discuss and Act:  Boards/Commissions and Departments regarding the Ordinance Requirement

for Additional Local Training with the Bay Team and Economic Development Committee (Liaison Cloutier discussed on 5-1-23)


21.   Discuss and Act:  25 Watson Avenue Carmelite Monastery


22.   Discuss and Act:  Municipal Court Judge Selection Process


23.   Discuss and Act:  Charter Review Process


24.   Discuss and Act:  Financial Town Meeting


25.   Discuss and Act:  Electric Leaf Blower/String Trimmer Incentive Program


26.   Discuss and Act:  Amendments to ARPA Budget


27.   Discuss and Act:  Pre-Authorize Funding for Electric or Hybrid Police Vehicle Purchases


28.   Discuss and Act:  Capital Funding for Bay Spring Community Center Fence


29.   Discuss and Act:  Town’s Installation of Wayfinding Signs (continued from May 1, 2023) (K. Berard and C. Kustell)


30.   Discuss and Act:  Recreation Fields and Facilities (R. Humm)


31.   Update:  Liaison Reports


32.   Public Comment (Maximum 3-minute statement)

To the public:  This agenda item is for members of the public to speak regarding a topic that is not already on the agenda.  Please indicate that you would like to speak by raising your hand.  When you are recognized, please state your name and residency for the record.


33.   Set Agenda for the Monday, July 24, 2023, at 7:00pm Town Council Meeting

·       Discuss and Act:  Amending the Town’s Commercial Sign Ordinance, Including a Potential Motion for Referral

(continued from May 1, 2023) (K. Berard)

·       Discuss and Act:  Development of Carry In/Carry Out Paper Bag Policy, Including a Potential Motion for Referral (continued from May 1, 2023) (K. Berard)

·       Discuss and Act:  Town’s Cannabis Public Use Ordinance and Policy, Including a Potential Motion for Referral (K. Berard)

·       Resolution:  Barrington High School Students Building “Barrington by Address” (T. Crean)

·       Day of Caring Presentation to Council:  September 11,2023


34.   Executive Session in Accordance with RIGL:

·       §42-46-5 (a) (2) Collective Bargaining:

o   International Association of Fire Fighters, AL-CIO, Local 1774

·       Discuss Executive Minutes from May 1, 2023, for placement on the Town Council agenda for July 24, 2023.


35.   Adjourn 



The Town of Barrington will provide accommodation needed to ensure equal participation in all meetings.  Please contact the Town Clerk’s office (401-247-1900, x1) 48 hours prior to the meeting so arrangements can be made to provide such assistance.   Hearing impaired callers can dial RI Relay 1-800-745-5555 (TTY) for additional assistance.  The Barrington Town Hall, Barrington Public Library, Barrington Middle School, and Barrington Public Safety Building are accessible to the disabled.  Posted on June 1, 2023, at Barrington Town Hall, Barrington Public Library, Town of Barrington Web Site and Secretary of State Web Site.


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