Johnston Town Council

1385 Hartford Avenue, Johnston, RI




Town Council Agenda

August 9, 2022

Johnston Municipal Court Building



Council President Russo will call the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Johnston Municipal Court Building located at 1600 Atwood Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919.

Town Sergeant, Stephen Mallane will lead with the Pledge of Allegiance


Please note: pursuant to Rule 3 Section E of the Town Council Rules, adopted by

Resolution 2021-1, the Council shall adjourn at 10:30 p.m. and any unfinished business shall be carried to the fourth Monday of the month or to a date agreed upon by the Council.

Roll Call


District 1 – Councilwoman Linda L. Folcarelli

                                               District 2 – Councilwoman Lauren A. Garzone

      District 3 – Vice-President Joseph M. Polisena, Jr

                                               District 4 – President Robert V. Russo

                                               District 5 – Councilman Robert J. Civetti



Award & Recognition Ceremonies



Status on Public Hearings



Petition for a Zone Change submitted by Attorney, Joseph Shekarchi on behalf of Trinity Properties of RI, LLC to change the Zone for 198 Shun Pike, Assessor’s Plat 33, Lot 63 from R-40 to Planned District

For referral to the Planning Board for an Advisory Opinion

Pending Planning Board Advisory Opinion



Ordinance 2022-10

An Ordinance amending Article II and Article III of Section 340 of the Town of Johnston Code of Ordinances; Said Ordinance amends the definitions and Use Table regarding Solar Energy Systems; for referral to the Planning Board for an Advisory Opinion

Pending Planning Board Advisory Opinion




Petition submitted by Robert A. Recchia, Jr requesting to abandon a portion of Naples Avenue, located on Assessor’s Plat 5 near Mill Street

Pending Planning Board Advisory Opinion




Petition submitted by Mohamed and Rhonda Sasa to purchase a portion of land abutting Assessor’s Plat 46-2, Lot 56

For Referral to the Planning Board for an Advisory Opinion

Pending Planning Board Advisory Opinion



Ordinances to be Read


Ordinance 2022-16

An Ordinance Establishing Chapter 92 entitled “Cannabis”, Article I “Public Consumption Prohibited” of the Town of Johnston Code of Ordinances. Said Ordinance prohibits the consumption of Cannabis on Town Property including Parks, Recreational Facilities or any other Public Property or Building including but not limited to Public Schools






Supreme Star Fitness, LLC / Location: 1395 Atwood Ave

Business Operating License- Change in Location

Holiday Sales-


Continued from July 11, 2022




Santa’s Secretary / Location: 15C Rhode Island Ave

Business Operating License- Phone Calls Only

Holiday Sales-

Retail, Gifts, Santa Letters & Certificates




Ayriyan Films / Location: 76 Bingley Terrace

Business Operating License- Phone Calls Only

Field Video Filming and Home Video




RI Homemade Donuts, Inc / Location: 1500 Atwood Ave, Units 12-13

Restaurant License-

Holiday Sales-

Coffee and Donut Shop




Tita’s Tailors and Cleaners / Location: 11 Commerce Way, Unit 12

Business Operating License-

Holiday Sales-

Clothing Alterations, Dry Cleaning and Laundry Drop Off- Pick-up




The Pike Project, LLC d/b/a The Pike Gym / Location: 2053R Plainfield Pike

Business Operating License-

Holiday Sales-

Membership Gym




The Lovegood Shoppe / Location: 2949 Hartford Avenue, Unit 9

Business Operating License-

Holiday Sales-

Boutique/Gift Shoppe




Boba Wave, LLC d/b/a Boba Wave / Location: Mobile Food Truck

Mobile Food Truck License-

Bubble Tea Food Trailer




Rhode Island Restaurant Supply, Inc. / Location: 1010 Plainfield Street

Business Operating License-

Resale of Restaurant Equipment




Bingo License Annual Renewals for 2022-2023



Liquor Licensing Commission


Constituent Requests


Unfinished Business


New Business


Resolution 2022-33

A Resolution ratifying a Tentative Agreement between the Town and the International Brotherhood of Police Officers, Local 307 Union



Resolution 2022-34

A Resolution Requesting to place the following question on the Ballot for the Regular Election to be held on November 8, 2022 to the voters “Shall new Cannabis related licenses for businesses involved in the cultivation, manufacture, laboratory testing and for the retail sale of adult recreational use of Cannabis be issued in the Town?



Resolution 2022-35

A Resolution ratifying a Mutual Aid Agreement between the Town of Johnston and the other 38 cities and Towns to also include the State’s Institutions of Higher Education



Resolution 2022-36

A Resolution Awarding the Bid and Authorizing  the Mayor to enter into an Agreement for the Required Revaluation of Real Property in the Town of Johnston



Resolution 2022-37

A Resolution Authorizing  the Mayor to enter into an Agreement for the Purchase of Two New Lawn Mowers for the Recreation Department



Resolution 2022-38

A Resolution ratifying an amendment to a lease agreement for Calef School by and between the Town and Tri-County Community Action Agency




Petition for the installation of a Speed Calming Device on Brenda Drive for referral to the Police, Fire and Public Works Departments






Tax Assessor Abatements – August, 2022



Public Hearings for Ordinances


Ordinance 2022-11

An Ordinance Amending Article XVII, Chapter 220, Section 90 of the Town of Johnston Code of Ordinances Entitled “Through Trucking” Said Ordinance would prohibit through Trucking on Tabor Drive, Teakwood Drive and Milton Street



Ordinance 2022-13

An Ordinance ordering the assessment and collection of property tax on the ratable real estate, tangible personal property and an excise tax on registered motor vehicles and trailers



Ordinance 2022-14

An Ordinance authorizing the Town to issue, not to exceed $215,000,000 General Obligation Bonds, Notes and Other Evidences of Indebtedness to finance the Construction, Additions, Renovation, Improvement, Alteration, Repair, Furnishing and Equipping of Schools and School Facilities throughout the Town



Ordinance 2022-15

Petition formerly known as 2022-CP-86 submitted by Hartford Realty Holdings, LLC to change the Zone on Assessor’s Plat 54, Lot 97 on Hartford Avenue from a B-3 to B-2 Zoning District-Ordinance will not be heard at this time due to lack of a sponsor


Approval of the minutes and transcripts from previous meetings


Transcripts Prepared by the Stenographer



Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk:

July 11, 2022 Regular Meeting, Special Meeting and Executive Session

July 13, 2022 Special Meeting/Budget Hearing







Claim from Kyle Saritelli for a sewer backup




Claim from Albert Carruolo for damage to his window




Claim from Cody Pezzullo for damages




Claim from Michael Pullano for damage to his vehicle



Requests to be heard


Please note: pursuant to Resolution 2021-1 of the Johnston Town Council, any person requesting to address the Council shall be heard for a maximum of 3 minutes. This will be strictly enforced. The Council may not take any action on matters appearing in the request to be heard portion of the agenda.












Vincent P. Baccari, Jr.,  Town Clerk




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