Johnston Town Council

1385 Hartford Avenue, Johnston, RI



Town Council Agenda

January 10, 2022

Johnston Municipal Court Building



Council President Russo will call the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Johnston Municipal Court Building located at 1600 Atwood Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919. Due to the Governor’s Executive Order regarding the COVID Pandemic, this meeting can also be attended virtually via the Zoom meeting platform.


Click on this link to attend the meeting virtually with your computer, mobile device or phone:

Or go to

Enter the Webinar ID: 834 1258 4888

Password: 068964

Or dial in by phone:

833 548 0282 (Toll Free)

877 853 5247 (Toll Free)

Town Sergeant, Stephen Mallane will lead with the Pledge of Allegiance


Please note: pursuant to Rule 3 Section E of the Town Council Rules, adopted by

Resolution 2021-1, the Council shall adjourn at 10:30 p.m. and any unfinished business shall be carried to the fourth Monday of the month or to a date agreed upon by the Council.


Roll Call


District 1 – Councilwoman Linda L. Folcarelli

                                               District 2 – Councilwoman Lauren A. Garzone

      District 3 – Vice-President Joseph M. Polisena, Jr

                                               District 4 – President Robert V. Russo

                                               District 5 – Councilman Robert J. Civetti



Award & Recognition Ceremonies



Status on Public Hearings


Petition for a Street Abandonment submitted by Robert A. Recchia, Jr. to abandon a portion of Rome Avenue-

Pending Planning Board Advisory Opinion




Petition from Peter St Lawrence to abandon a portion of Genoa Street on Assessor’s Plat 5

Pending Planning Board Advisory Opinion



Petition submitted by Edward R. McCormick III on behalf of Russell and Tracy Boehm and Patrick and Kelly Martin to abandon a portion of Matthew Drive on Assessor’s Plat 57 for referral to the Planning Board for an Advisory Opinion

Pending Planning Board Advisory Opinion


Ordinances to be Read


Ordinance 2022-1

An Ordinance repealing Ordinance 2017-7, an Ordinance amending section 125-18 of Chapter 125 of the Town of Johnston Code of Ordinances entitled “Manner of Sale of Tobacco and Drug Paraphernalia Regulated”





Mystical Magick / Location: 139 King Philip Street

Business Operating License- Phone Calls Only

Professional & Spiritual Advisor & Tarot Card Reader

Continued from December 13, 2021




Dean’s International Autowurks / Location: 22A Buck Hill Road

Business Operating License-

Automotive Repair




D.E.Foods, LLC d/b/a KFC / Location: 1477 Atwood Avenue

Business Operating License- Transfer

Quick Service Restaurant




Inland Waters, LLC / Location: 275 Scituate Avenue

Business Operating License-

Pipe Cleaning, CCTV Inspection and Repair




J&S Scrap Metal and Recycling/ Location: 36 Starr Street

60-Day review of Recycling License as conditioned at the November 8, 2021 meeting



Liquor Licensing Commission



Annual Liquor License Renewals for Year 2021-2022- Continuation of the licenses from December 8, 2021 for:

Town Hall Lanes, Inc. d/b/a Town Hall Lanes- Location 1463 Atwood Avenue

Thapa Family, LLC d/b/a The Punjab Indian Cuisine-Location 1565 Plainfield Street




Annual Entertainment License Renewals for Year 2021-2022-Continuation of the licenses from November 8, 2021 for:

Thapa Family, LLC d/b/a The Punjab Indian Cuisine-Location 1565 Plainfield Street



Constituent Requests


Unfinished Business

New Business


Town Council Appointment to the Johnston School Committee to fill the vacant term of David J. Santilli Sr.




Petition submitted by J.R. Vinagro Corporation to abandon a portion of Buck Hill Road on Assessor’s Plat 30, Lots 116 through 124

For referral to the Planning Board for an Advisory Opinion




Nyhart :  Presentation of  The Town of Johnston (including Johnston School Department ) GASB 74/75 Actuarial Valuation For Fiscal Year  Ending June 30, 2021




Re-appointment of Thomas Lopardo to the Zoning Board



Resolution 2022-1

A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement for the Town’s required Re-districting Services for the Town Council’s and School Committee’s voting district boundaries





Tax Assessor Abatements – January, 2022

Public Hearings for Ordinances


Approval of the minutes and transcripts from previous meetings


Transcripts Prepared by the Stenographer


Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk:

December 13, 2021 Regular Meeting Minutes





Claim from Allstate Fire and Casualty, Insurance on behalf of Ishkhan Tavitian for vehicle damage



Requests to be heard


Please note: pursuant to Resolution 2021-1 of the Johnston Town Council, any person requesting to address the Council shall be heard for a maximum of 3 minutes. This will be strictly enforced. The Council may not take any action on matters appearing in the request to be heard portion of the agenda.









Vincent P. Baccari, Jr.,  Town Clerk



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