Johnston Town Council

1385 Hartford Avenue, Johnston, RI



Town Council Agenda

September 11, 2023

Johnston Municipal Court Building



Council President Russo will call the meeting to order at 7:00 PM at the Johnston Municipal Court Building located at 1600 Atwood Avenue, Johnston, RI 02919.

Town Sergeant, Stephen Mallane will lead with the Pledge of Allegiance


Please note: pursuant to Rule 3 Section E of the Town Council Rules, adopted by

Resolution 2023-4, the Council shall adjourn at 10:30 p.m. and any unfinished business shall be carried to the fourth Monday of the month or to a date agreed upon by the Council.


Roll Call


District 1 – Councilwoman Linda L. Folcarelli

                                               District 2 – Vice-President Lauren A. Garzone

                                               District 3 – Councilman Alfred T. Carnevale

                                               District 4 – President Robert V. Russo

                                               District 5 – Councilman Robert J. Civetti



Award & Recognition Ceremonies



Status on Public Hearings



Petition for a Zone Change submitted by Attorney, Joseph Shekarchi on behalf of Trinity Properties of RI, LLC to change the Zone for 198 Shun Pike, Assessor’s Plat 33, Lot 63 from R-40 to Planned District

For referral to the Planning Board for an Advisory Opinion

Pending Planning Board Advisory Opinion



Ordinance 2023-12

An Ordinance formerly known as Petition 2023-CP-57, requesting to amend the zone map for Assessor’s Plat 38, Lot 164, behind 8 Putnam Pike to change the zone from R-15 to B-2

Continued to October 10, 2023



Ordinances to be Read


Ordinance 2023-16

An Ordinance amending Article III entitled “Zoning Districts and Maps, Use Table”, Article V “Supplementary Regulations” and Article XII “Variances and Special Use Permits of Chapter 340 of the Town of Johnston Code of Ordinances. Said Ordinance allows for the retail sales of Cannabis and establishes standards for drive-through businesses





S&S Investments/ Location: 1077 Plainfield St.

Business Operating License- Phone Calls Only


Continued from August 15, 2023




MGB Enterprises/ Location: 12 Vinton St.

Business Operating License- Phone Calls Only

Affiliate publishing/Fulfilment Services/Product Referrals/Re-seller




RA1, LLC/ Location: 135 Putnam Pike

Business Operating License- Transfer

Holiday Sales-

Gas Station, Convenience Store & Car Wash




Metro Mattress Corp, d/b/a Metro Mattress/ Location: 1386 Atwood Ave

Business Operating License-

Holiday Sales-

Mattress & Bedding Retailer




774 Coverme d/b/a Senior Health Solutions/ Location: 1426-1428, Unit #2 Hartford Avenue

Business Operating License-

Health Insurance/Financial Planning




Retro Tees/ Location: 343 George Waterman Rd

Business Operating License- Phone Calls Only

Retail Online T-Shirt Business




Every Last Crum, LLC/ Location: 85 Railroad Ave

Business Operating License-

Holiday Sales-

Dumpster Rentals




Drive Now Auto Rentals, LLC d/b/a Drive Now Auto Rentals/ Location: 648 Killingly St.

Auto Rental License-

Car Rentals




Elohim Auto Repair, LLC / Location: 43 Dyerville Ave

Business Operating License-

Holiday Sales-

Auto Repair and Body Shop- Spray Booth





Liquor Licensing Commission




Constituent Requests


Unfinished Business


New Business




Appointment to the District 3 position on the Senior Citizens Advisory Board




Petition from Narragansett Electric & Verizon New England to install a new jointly owned pole P-6-2 on Orchard Avenue



Resolution 2023-42

A Resolution ratifying an agreement between the Town and RI Council 94 AFSCME, AFL-CIO Johnston Town Employees Local Union 1491



Resolution 2023-43

A Resolution appointing a temporary judge to the Johnston Probate Court to preside over a probate estate numbered 2022-113 in which the current Judge and Solicitor’s Office both have conflicts of interest in presiding over



Resolution 2023-44

A Resolution authorizing the Mayor to enter into an agreement for extended engineering services at the Johnston War Memorial Park




Petition for a Zone Map Change submitted by Alfred A Russo, Jr., Esq. on behalf of Sunn Builders to change the Zone Map for Assessors

Plat 42, Lots 31, 104 & 105 from R-40 to Planned District-PD for referral to the Planning Board for an advisory opinion






Tax Assessor Abatements- September 2023



Public Hearings for Ordinances


Ordinance 2023-15

An Ordinance amending Chapter 220-73 of the Town of Johnston Code of Ordinances entitled “Parking Prohibited at All Times on Certain Streets. Said ordinance proposes no parking on the southbound side of Trieste Street




Approval of the minutes and transcripts from previous meetings


Transcripts Prepared by the Stenographer



Minutes prepared by the Town Clerk:

August 15, 2023 Regular Meeting

August 22, 2023 Special Meeting




Requests to be heard


Please note: pursuant to Resolution 2023-4 of the Johnston Town Council, any person requesting to address the Council shall be heard for a maximum of 3 minutes. This will be strictly enforced. The Council may not take any action on matters appearing in the request to be heard portion of the agenda.



Alex Pznowsky to discuss: Market Basket Rear Entrance Safety Issue










Vincent P. Baccari, Jr.,  Town Clerk




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